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7 best new movies to stream this week on HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix and more

Each week we find new movies streaming online at the start (and throughout) the week, as the Tuesday release schedule for digital releases is buoyed by streaming services releasing titles throughout the week. This week, we’ve got a highly hyped Anime film, a shocking bit of horror that should delight the frights folks, an animated Netflix family film, and even a filmic adaptation of a musical.

The most interesting film of the bunch is Belle, a sci-fi anime movie with a ton of escapism. Elsewhere in the week, HBO’s got a treat for musical theater fans, and Netflix has a YA movie that takes place during that magical summer before college. Oh, and if you want more? The still-fresh list of new shows and movies to watch from this past weekend is still here for you — and there are also details on how to watch Moon Knight episode 6 online and see the finale.

Those folks with Prime? You might want to watch The Wilds season 2, but we don’t blame you if you need to catch up on the first season first (just know it draws comparisons to Yellowjackets and Lost). And in terms of movies, we can’t wait to see them come to streaming? At the top of our wish list is getting Doctor Strange 2 on Disney Plus before July.

Without further previews, let’s break down the seven movies you should watch this week:


We hear a lot of chatter about the metaverse these days, and it’s mostly ignorable to be honest. But sci-fi anime movie Belle proposes a metaverse reality that’s worth considering.

Suzu, who is having trouble dealing with the passing of her mother, finds her passions in a virtual world known as U. There, she reimagines herself as the pink-haired Belle and becomes a massively popular singer.

Belle, which looks so fantastical that you’ll wish you’d seen it in theaters (I personally am still kicking myself I missed its theatrical run), is all about the hidden identity. While is Suzu afraid of her audience realizing she’s just your average teen, she’s also going to take a chance to find out who’s behind the dangerous dragon identity that’s tearing U apart.



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