Actress Crosses Limit: In the affair of bo*ld poses, these 5 heroines broke all the limits, some posed braless and some covered their bodies with banana leaves.

Actress Crosses Limit: To keep themselves in limelight, many heroines shared some such pictures on social media which created panic on the internet. Some went braless and covered the body only with coat, while some covered the body with banana leaves and got the photoshoot done. See this bo*ld look of these heroines.

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First of all in this list let’s talk about Esha Gupta. Esha Gupta, wearing a white shirt on the couch, shared such a photo which raised the internet’s mercury. The special thing is that the actress took this photo braless.

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Now let’s talk about Kiara Advani. Kiara Advani did a photoshoot many years ago by famous photographer Dabboo Ratnani. For this photoshoot, Kiara posed for a picture by covering her body only with a banana leaf.

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Priyanka Chopra has also done bo*ld photoshoot in front of the camera. See this photo of the actress in which she is wearing a pink color coat. It is clearly visible in the picture that Priyanka is not wearing a bra.

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Now see this picture of Sonam Kapoor’s braless photoshoot. In this, the actress is covering her body with a coat.

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Seeing this bo*ld look of Malaika Arora, you will be crazy about her looks. Malaika wore such a revealing gown with a braless bow that the pictures had set social media on fire.