Adult star explains why she’d go out with a builder – but never date a lorry driver

Cops and firefighters are fine, builders are a strong possible but there’s one profession that’s an absolute no-no when it comes to dating OnlyFans millionairess Stef Gurzanski

Stef Gurzanski
Stef makes a fortune from OnlyFans, collecting over $150k for just one video (Image: stefaniegurzanski/Instagram)

Adult star Stef Gurzanski says she’s not a gold-digger, and would be happy to date a down-to-earth blue-collar guy, but there are some professions that are strictly off the menu. The OnlyFans siren told podcaster Glenny Balls that she’s recently single and had celebrated her birthday with a few girlfriends on a chartered yacht off St. Barts.

She says she loves partying on a yacht, but avoids most nightclubs: “I love strip clubs though. Strip clubs are fun with a good group of people.”

The last time she went to a strip club, she says, there was quite a bit of audience participation: “There were lots of girls going up from my group, and my girlfriend looks at me and she says: “Don’t you f*****g think about it. Do not go up there.”

Despite Stef’s non-stop party lifestyle, she says a bloke doesn’t necessarily need to be rich to date her. She added: “I just want like a big guy beside me that feels powerful.”

Stef wouldn’t consider the kind of builders that shout at her from the scaffolding as she walks down the street but quite likes the idea of “a hot construction worker.”

Glenny asked a few quick-fire questions to see whether there were any jobs that would disqualify a block from being Stef’s boyfriend. A builder might be possible she said, but someone who worked in a sandwich shop would be an almost certain ‘no.’

Although, she added: “I do love a turkey sandwich, so if you make a good one, we can talk about it.”

A firefighter would be a guaranteed “yes,” Stef says, and probably a police officer too. The only problem, she adds is :“I would just want him to constantly do role plays with me.”

She’s recently dated a comedian and didn’t work out so she’s not eager to repeat that experience. Apart from that, she says: “I’m not discriminating from any job. ”

Stef added one exception as she’d never date a long-distance lorry driver. “They’re away gone too long and I told you I need a man to sleep in my bed every night.”


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