Allison Delperdang Sparks a Fierce Debate After Revealing She Doesn’t Wash Her Pajamas Every Day

Allison Delperdang, a blogger from Iowa, posted a video on TikTok which has racked up more than 1,7 Million views. All she wanted to know was if people wear pajamas multiple nights in a row. She then confessed her habit of wearing pajamas, and people couldn’t stop commenting on this.

Allison posted a video with a seemingly innocent question.

© allisondelperdang / TikTok

Allison Delperdang is a popular blogger. Recently, she posted a video to her TikTok with a casual question. She said, “I need to know if people wear pajamas multiple nights in a row.”

The woman was filming the video wearing a cream pajama romper, styling her hair in loose waves. She admitted she’d worn her pajama for three nights in a row.

© allisondelperdang / TikTok

Allison explained her hygienic habits: “When I was younger, my parents always made us wear pajamas multiple nights in a row because they weren’t dirty — and I still do that as an adult.”

“So I need to know if, as adults, we’re still doing that, or should I be literally making dirty clothes every single night.”

“Are we wearing pajamas multiple nights? What’s the situation?” Allison asked.

People’s reactions were just wild.

© allisondelperdang / Instagram

The viewers were not unanimous in their opinion on the delicate matter. Some supported Allison, while others said they wash their pajamas after every wear.

One user wrote: “I wear them for like a week straight, haha. I hate doing laundry.”

Another shocked user commented: “Wait. There are people that DON’T wear their pjs multiple nights in a row????”

“I wear it till I feel like it’s dirty or I have a rough night of sweating,” another comment said.

Another user wrote: “Yes, and I put them under my pillow when I make my bed!!”

One user even praised re-wearing pajamas as eco-friendly: “Saving the environment and your clothes! If it’s not dirty/smelly, then why wash it? I wear mine for a week in winter!”

And here’s a science-backed explanation on whether we actually can wear the same pajamas 2 days in a row.

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