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Anari Part 3 Ullu Web Series Watch Online On ULLU Originals App

Greetings to all devotees of amusement! We’re thrilled to bring exciting news for all enthusiasts of the Ullu Web Series. Ullu is a platform known for its intriguing and captivating fantasy series, and now it is set to release a highly anticipated series, Anari Part 3. The third installment of the series is something that the audience has been eagerly waiting for. Now, the wait is over and we’ve got all the details on its launch, release date, and storyline. Let’s delve in!

Anari Part 3 Web Series

Anari Part 3, one of the most admired series, premiered on 25 July 2023 on the Ullu app. It entered the scene with an engaging tagline – “Najar main tumhen basa Rakha hai. Apna tumhen banaa Rakha hai. Dur tumhen jaane nahin denge. Isiliye tumhen bahon mein saja Rakha ha.” This captivating caption has drawn a lot of attention and has made the series even more entertaining. If you’ve seen the first two parts of Anari, you’ll appreciate the third part even more. But let’s move ahead and shed some light on the cast involved in the series.

Anari Part 3 Actress name And Cast

Anita Jaiswal

Priya Gamre

Bhanu Suryam Thakur

Muskaan Agrawal

Dheeraj Alwani

Shivanand Shrivasta

Every actor involved in the series has delivered exceptional performances. Their talent has kept the audience hooked and well-entertained. Anari Part 3, a Hindi series available on the Ullu app, features an Indian cast. Ullu is known for its adult-oriented content, and in this series, Anita Jaiswal takes the female lead role as Naina, while Bhanu Suryam Thakur plays the male lead. Every character in the series adds to its charm with their brilliant performances. However, there is still more to reveal about this show, which we’ll discuss in the following section.

Moving on to the series’ plot, it revolves around a special child named Raja living in a rural village. His life takes a twist when he marries Naina. Trouble ensues when Naina realizes her husband is unable to fulfill her physical desires. The plot thickens when Raja seizes this opportunity to get intimate with her. These are some key details about Anari Part 3, and for more, you can stream it on the Ullu app. Keep following us for more updates.

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