World’s sexiest swimmer Andreea Dragoi straddles across bed in stunning outfit as fans call her ‘the real Barbie’

COLLEGE swimming star Andreea Dragoi has been labeled a “supermodel” following her most recent glamour shots.

Jose State star, 20, is currently making the most of her summer vacation with a trip to the Greek island of Santorini.

Dragoi has just over 70k Instagram followers
Dragoi has just over 70k Instagram followersCredit: Instagram / Andreea Dragoi
She is about to enter her junior year at SJSU
She is about to enter her junior year at SJSUCredit: Instagram / Andreea Dragoi

Throughout her visit, Dragoi has shared glamorous updates with her over 70k adoring Instagram followers.

Recently she posted a series of stunning multicolored bikini snaps posing in and aside a picturesque swimming pool.

In response, one fan labeled Dragoi “Drop Dead GORGEOUS.”

Most recently, she shared a sultry set of bedroom snaps, posing on a hotel room bed in a laced corset top and short pink skirt.

Appropriately, given the recent release of the much anticipated Hollywood blockbuster Barbie, Dragoi captioned her snaps: “Hi Barbie”

But as far as one fan was concerned, she was in fact the “Prettiest Barbie.”

Another added: “Beautiful & stunning as always.”

While one replied: “You’re the real Barbie.”

The 5-foot-10 Romanian is set to enter her junior year at SJSU next semester.

A kinesiology, sport management, and psychology major, she has previously represented her nation in the World and European Junior Championships.

Also a keen model, Dragoi has previously appeared on the cover of Malvie magazine and modeled for Nike, Ales, and Sunny Co. Clothing.

Last year she also won the Miss Ambassador and Miss California US National pageants.

Dragoi is originally from Bucharest
Dragoi is originally from BucharestCredit: Instagram / Andreea Dragoi
She has over 4k TikTok followers
She has over 4k TikTok followersCredit: Instagram / Andreea Dragoi

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