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Anjali Arora did such an act by becoming a devotee of Bholenath, people got angry after watching the video


Anjali Arora Mahashivratri Video: Anjali Arora’s fans are loving the Mahashivratri special video, but many people are enraged to see her performance on this devotional song of Shiva.

Anjali Arora Mahashivratri Video: Anjali Arora, who was a social media sensation and a contestant of the famous reality show ‘Lockup’, remains a topic of discussion among people regarding her dance videos. Anjali Arora, who has become a reality TV star, remains very active on social media and keeps sharing her dance videos for her fans. These videos of her start trending on social media. Recently a new video of Anjali Arora has surfaced. In this video, she is seen lip syncing on Bholenath’s song. Along with this, he has also shown his killer style to the people. On one hand, where his fans are happy to see this video, on the other hand, some people are also criticizing her fiercely.


Anjali showed her style on the song of devotion to Shiva

Mahashivaratri special Anjali Arora’s fans are giving love to this video but many people are enraged to see her performance on this song of devotion to Shiva. Let us tell you that this video of Anjali Arora has got more than 1.4 million views so far. At the same time, more than 2 lakh people have liked it. Anjali is showing her killer moves in this video.


People got angry with Anjali’s video

Anjali Arora has recently shared a new reel video on her Instagram account. In this reel, she is seen lip-syncing on the song Sanak by Bollywood’s famous rapper Badshah. After lip-syncing of Anjali on this song made for Bhole Baba, people have become angry after seeing her style. People are fiercely criticizing Anjali Arora for this video.


People said this after watching the video

People are commenting fiercely on this video of Anjali Arora. Also expressing their displeasure. Seeing this video of Anjali performing on a song related to Aastha, people are taunting her. Commenting on this video of Anjali Arora, a user has written – What are you doing on God’s song. At the same time, another user wrote – This girl starts doing anything. It doesn’t matter about anything.

Anjali reached the temple on Mahashivaratri

Anjali has shared another video on the day of Mahashivaratri. In this video, Anjali is seen offering water to Lord Shiva’s temple. Anjali looks gorgeous in white suit and red dupatta. While sharing this video, she has written in the caption – Best wishes for Mahashivaratri. May everyone be happy always.


Anjali’s dance video viral

Let us tell you that model and actress Anjali has earned a lot of name as a social media influencer. Every picture and video of Anjali spreads like a fire on the internet. Recently a dance video of an Anjali is becoming increasingly viral on the internet. In this video, Anjali Arora is seen showing tremendous killer moves on the English trending song ‘Pipal’.



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