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Average UK penis size revealed – and it ranks 66 on the global scale

Penis size is a huge topic of anxiety for lads.

Although sexperts and porn stars have claimed it doesn’t matter between the sheets, some men still get conscious.

Now the average measurement for a bloke in the UK has finally been revealed – and it might come as a surprise to you.

The health experts at FROM MARS revealed that it’s 5.17in which ranks in position 66 on the global scale.

In the study it also found the average erect penis size around the world is 5.5in or 14.10cm which is smaller than the UK’s.

Meanwhile, Ecuador is the country with the proud owners of the largest penises in the world at 6.93in.

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Cameroon came in second place with the average penis size measuring 6.56in, with Bolivia next at 6.5in.

As for the smallest, the researchers named Cambodia as the country with the tiniest penis size with an average of 3.95in.

All of these findings does ask the all important question… so does penis size matter?

Ultimately if you are concerned, it’s important to remember that everyone is different, not in just sizes but also with preferences.

Just as some are attracted to partners with different body types, the same can also be said for the size of your package.

It might be that one person prefers a larger than average penis, while others believe it’s what you do with your manhood anyway.

FROM MARS used the World Population Review to get figures for the average penis size.

So if the UK is ranked 66 in the global scale, what is the top 10? Why don’t you take a look below?

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  1. Ecuador – Erect length in cm: 17.61. Erect length in inches: 6.93
  2. Cameroon – Erect length in cm: 16.67. Erect length in inches: 6.56
  3. Bolivia – Erect length in cm: 16.51. Erect length in inches: 6.50
  4. Sudan – Erect length in cm: 16.47. Erect length in inches: 6.48
  5. Haiti – Erect length in cm: 16.01. Erect length in inches: 6.30
  6. Senegal – Erect length in cm: 15.89. Erect length in inches: 6.26
  7. Gambia – Erect length in cm: 15.88. Erect length in inches: 6.25
  8. Cuba – Erect length in cm: 15.87. Erect length in inches: 6.25
  9. Netherlands – Erect length in cm: 15.87. Erect length in inches: 6.25
  10. Zambia – Erect length in cm: 15.78. Erect length in inches: 6.21


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