Badjao Girl viral video scandal sparks outrage online

A Badjao girl has been captivating attention on social media following a video of her went viral. The viral Badjao girl is identified as Anika who is a juvenile from the community of Badjao in the Philippines. The internet sensation girl reportedly has an intriguing story behind her video which is circling enormously on social media. If you are interested in unfolding more details about the Badjao girl viral video, this article is for you because it has everything to know about the Badjao girl along with an explanation of the reason why her video is going viral and buzzing on the internet. Kindly stick with this page and go through this article till the end. Scroll down the screen.

Badjao Girl viral video scandal

The viral Badjao girl is a renowned television personality from Lucena, Quezon, Philippines. She is a prolific media face, web actor, and model. Her real name is Rita Gaviola but people have started recognizing her affectionately as Badjao Girl. She is a young girl who is just 20 years of age at this time. Badjao Girl aka Rita Gaviola was born on May 13, 2003. Why she is popular and why people in large numbers have been talking about her? Shift to the next section and read more details.

Badjao girl’s acting in famous television series and other shows made her renowned in the Philippines. People say Badjao girl surged to fame and prominence after a photographer clicked her random pictures and posted them on social media which turned the eyeballs and drew attention from around the country. Next time Rita aka Badjao Girl attained the attention of the audience with her appearance in a popular TV show titled “Pinoy Big Brother Season 7”. Today Pinoy Big Brother is one of the most followed reality shows in the Philippines. Know more about her in the next section.

Badjao Girl came into the limelight when she announced that she is now a mother and has given birth to a beautiful child. She announced this through her official Instagram account. But the name of her kid is still a secret. But a scandalous video of a girl who looks like Badjao Girl involved in inappropriate activities surfaced on social media and sparked a nationwide controversy. But the viral video has not been verified yet. It could also be fake or someone else’s. Rita Gaviola aka Badjao Girl is mainly known for her appearance in Pinoy Big Brother Season 7.

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