Bagula Viral Video 3 to 4 girls have been Caught in the video

Do you know the recent incident in the Bagula Bagula Viral Video, Nadia? If no then, then you need to know about the incident where a couple of girls were running their business over there and the public caught them. Today we are going to cover up about the “Bagula’s video“, Stay with us to know more in detail about the business they were running and what really exactly happened there.

Bagula Naida

Begula is an area of the district of Naida. Bagula is famous for the beauty of the nature and chirping of birds. Bagula is a town under Ranaghat. It is also known as a very popular town in West Bengal. The postal code of Bagula is 741502. You need to travel by train to reach Bagula.

Bagula Viral Video

But as we all know, money matters that’s why girls have started their own dirty business in Begula. Where you just have to throw money to the girls and you will get her for a few hours. It is not only happening in Bagula but also happening in other places in India. Every state has 2-3 hidden areas where this type of business is going to earn money.

As far as my knowledge is concerned, the business which is going on nowadays is not fully wrong. This is not wrong because some people need sexual satisfaction for their own delight and enjoyment. Personally, speaking despite moving to a suite, this is good to do. But it is also right that, if you are doing such business publically and illegally then policies have the right to take you to jail.

Bagula Viral Video

Article NameBagula viral video
Category News
LocationBagula, Naida
How many girls were with3-4 girls have been caught in the video
Which State of IndiaWest Bengal
Link to the Viral video Click here

How did the Police know about the condition of Bagula, Naida

Suppose, on a daily basis 1- 2 unknown men come to an apartment and spend around 2-3 hours on a daily basis over there, even though you know that, in that apartment, only 3-4 girls live. Then will you not think twice about what’s going on in the apartment’s room? This happened with other members of the apartment, they see on a daily basis that unknown persons are coming in there and spending around 2-3 hours over there.

Other members of the flat, discussed together and decided to call the police to arrest them. Because there are other girls also staying in the flat. We are currently on the way to detecting the names of those girls who were with this kind of dirty business.

Police had taken the step when they were at home. After finishing the detection in that room, policies found a couple of condoms and other toys which are usually used to get sexual satisfaction. Not only that when police caught those girls, there were 2 men over there. Stay with us till the end to know more in detail.

The original Story behind the viral video of Bagula, Naida

Have you heard about such news where girls are doing such dirty business to earn money? If yes, then it’s true that nowadays it’s natural to do such things because not in Bagula, there are many states of India where this type of business is going on a daily basis and they are earning lakhs per month.

In an apartment in Bagula, Naida where there were 3-4 girls running this type of business, on a daily basis unknown persons are coming and spending 2-.3 hours in that room. After informing to the police by the other members, the police caught 4 girls and 2 men, they were doing some dirty things in the room. When Poilices were arresting them others were recording the video to make it viral. The video of Bagual has been viral over the internet and on social media platforms.

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