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Beautician uses ‘penis filler’ to enlarge man’s todger – but women have savage response

Charette Cosmetics is promoting a procedure that aims to give men a larger and thicker penis by using derma filler with a clip of a beautician injecting it into a bloke’s appendage on Instagram

Good news, fellas – a longer, fatter willy could be one little injection away.

Footage of a beautician pumping ‘penis filler’ into a bloke’s member has been shared online.

And lots of women have mercilessly suggested the clip should be sent to their exes.

Charette Cosmetics shared the procedure, which aims to give men a ‘larger and thicker’ appendage, on Instagram, with an aubergine emoji covering their customer’s modesty.

The post, which insists it is just like giving women bigger boobs and bums, received more than 9,000 likes.

It said: “PENIS FILLER. Like some women who want larger breasts and buttox, some men want a larger! @porestar @charettecosmetics

“Penis Filler is great for men who may want a larger, thicker penis. We can achieve this by using dermal filler that is injected into the shaft!

penis filler
The surgeon was filmed giving a man ‘penis filler’ to make it ‘larger and thicker’ (Image: @porestar/Instagram)

“Increased length and girth, Little to no downtime, Results last up to 2 years, Done discreetly in-office, Price based on # of syringes used. Book your consultation with @injectionsbyhelen.”

In the comment section, there were some men interested in the procedure and some women who wanted the clip to be sent to their ex-boyfriends.

One user said: “I can send some of my ex’s your way.”

Another added: “Y’all are changing the game fr fr.”

A third wrote: “Now tag an ex that needs it.”

A fourth commented: “Still gotta know how to use it. Will this help it not be limp or just appearance?”

penis filler
Viewers on Instagram joked that the clip should be sent to their exes

The news comes after a bloke took to TikTok to share the results of his Brazilian Butt Lift surgery after he grew frustrated with his saggy skin from weight loss.

Luis Martinez claims he tried everything to improve the shape of his body but ended up having to have a combination procedure, which included a tummy tuck, liposuction, mastopexy and the Brazilian butt lift.

The 27-year-old, who lives in Omaha, Nebraska, took a flight to Mexico to get the surgery for around $5,250 (£4,178) having been quoted $16,000 (£12,938) for the same operation in the US.



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