Below Deck redhead Hayley ‘masturbates over’ snaps of her own ‘banging boobs’

Cheeky reality star Hayley De Sola Pinto left Below Deck fans with their jaws on the floor after admitting that she takes pictures of herself for one very specific reason

Below Deck icon Hayley De Sola Pinto once admitted that she likes some solo time with her own selfies.

On the show, co-star Fraser told Hayley that it’s “mental how absolutely breathtaking she is” and that she is “extremely funny,” to which she joked that “people regularly tell her that”. What she said next left her co-stars and viewers completely gobsmacked.

The star admitted: “I have w***ed over myself, I’ve actually taken pictures of my body and w***ed over [them]. I have, I’ve masturbated over photos of me! To be honest, I’ve got a banging pair of t**s. Pretty proud of them, to be fair!”

Fans couldn’t believe what they’d heard and flocked over to X, formerly known as Twitter, to comment on Hayley’s wild confession. They branded her “so f***ing funny,” “hot” and “crazy” as they all laughed at the comment.

Hayley's cheeky confession left fans shocked
Hayley’s cheeky confession left fans shocked (Image: Honestly Holly Photography)

The Below Deck star has recently partnered with Playboy and fans can sign up for access to her exclusive content here – make sure you don’t miss out on the redhead’s cheeky posts.

Hayley recently chatted to Daily Star about her boobs and how her breast augmentation has helped to build her confidence. She said: “I’m 34 now and I had breast implants two years ago, that made me feel a hell of a lot sexier. My surgery has healed and it’s all very natural looking.”

She quickly became a fan favourite of the season
She quickly became a fan favourite of the season (Image: Laurent Bassett/Bravo via Getty Images)

“My boobs, they fit me and my body shape. That’s made me feel sexier!” Hayley admitted that she was worried about going on the show because of how she would be seen by fans.

She told us: “I thought: ‘Oh god, I’m going to get so much negative feedback for the way I look’. Everyone else that was filming the show with me was tiny, size eight […] I thought I’d look like a whale compared to all of them!”

Hayley had a boob job two years ago
Hayley had a boob job two years ago (Image: Honestly Holly Photography)

However, Hayley was pleasantly surprised after watching her episodes back. The reality star confessed that she “actually looked alright” and although there can be some “bad angles on TV,” she was “mostly happy with how she looked”.

According to the star, she’d had a mountain of compliments over the years as fans say “it’s nice to see a full figured woman”.

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