Bhuvan Bam Starrer Taaza Khabar To Hit OTT Platform Soon

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Disney+ Hotstar Taaza Khabar: Bhuvan Bam is on a roll right now. He is the biggest Youtube star in India, and there is no doubt about it. He released his first web series on Youtube under his channel only a few months ago. And he is ready with another web series but under a giant banner now.

Disney+ Hotstar released the first announcement teaser of Taaza Khabar to kickstart a new chapter in Bhuvan Bam’s life. According to the show’s makers, Taaza Khabar is a “riveting new ride of a man stumbling upon magical powers and the ripples it creates in his humble life.”

And isn’t that ironic that Bhuvan Bam’s real-life story is like that only? He is a humble man who stumbles upon the magical power of Youtube and has created so many amazing things. He influenced his life and the lives of others around him.

It might seem cliche while reading, but that is true. You might not believe in miracles, but creators like Bhuvan Bam, who started from nothing, believed that. And that is why they reached new heights that we can even dream of.

Disney+ Hotstar Taaza Khabar Plot

As of now, we have no idea regarding the plot of the show. The announcement teaser only showed us a glimpse of the show; at the moment, only the making has started. So, there is still time before we know about the show’s plot.

As per the interview by writer duo Hussain and Abbas Dalal, the show will focus on a person who accidentally receives some miraculous powers. The show will feature sanitation workers in Mumbai and will depict class-based poverty and the human desire to lead a better life.

Everything indicates that it will be a wholesome slice-of-life comedy show. And that is for the best because we know that Bhuvan Bam thrives in that genre. It will again be interesting to see how the creators will use Bhuvan Bam’s amazing comic timing and write a script around him.

We will update you as soon as something is announced. So, keep following this page and bookmark this article so you won’t miss any updates.

Taaza Khabar Cast

Disney+ Hotstar Taaza Khabar Cast: As of now, only a few prominent cast members have been revealed. The show stars famous artists who have made their names on OTT platforms. Obviously, Bhuvan Bam is the lead actor and will be the show’s primary focus.

Shriya Pilgaonkar, who made a name for herself after her role as Sweety in Mirzapur, looks like the show’s female lead. And we all know how talented she is. Taaza Khabar will give all her fans a new opinion of her.

Deven Bhojani, who has starred in some of the best comedy shows of India, like Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai, will also be part of the show. J. D. Chakravarthy from Satya(1998) is also announced as a cast member. And if that is true, this show’s star power has increased tenfold.

Other cast members include Prathmesh Parab from Timepass, Nitya Mathur(Filtercopy), Shilpa Shukla from Chak De India, and B.A.Pass, and Mithilesh Chaturvedi.

Taaza Khabar Release Date

Taaza Khabar Release Date: There has been no revelation of the release date so far. The announcement teaser indicated that the filming of the show had started. So, we are still far away from getting the release date as of now. It will take some time for the makers to reveal the release date.

Our best guess is that the show will release in late 2022. September to December seems a good time for Taaza Khabar to be released.

The makers have high expectations from the show. Bhuvan Bam said, “I feel grateful that I got to explore a completely new side to wishful thinking with my character in Taaza Khabar… As we begin shooting, I’m confident that emoting this character will be fun; I already relate to this character so much.”

So, we have something to look forward to in Taaza Khabar. We will keep updating you as new announcements are made.