Bigg Boss OTT 2: Sparks of Love Ignite Between Jed and Akanksha! Will Manisha Rani’s Heart Shatter Due to This?

In the realm of Bigh Boss, a captivating tale of flirtation and budding connections emerges. Akanksha Puri finds herself entangled in playful exchanges with the charming Jay Hadiya, while the spirited Manisha Rani enters the fray, adding a twist to the unfolding drama. As suspense thickens, viewers await with bated breath, eager to witness the intriguing love triangle’s twists and turns. Will sparks ignite or tensions escalate? The unfolding chronicle promises riveting entertainment.

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Latest Update

Bigg Boss is a highly popular reality show that consistently remains a topic of discussion. This show is notorious for its frequent controversies. In the current season, there is a contestant who has been surrounded by controversies. One of the main attractions of Big Boss is the formation of interesting pairs among the contestants. The second season of Big Boss OTT has also commenced. This time, there is a particular pair in the show that is gaining a lot of attention and it is none other than Akanksha Puri and Jai Bhanushali. Their pairing has garnered significant popularity among fans, and there seems to be some chemistry developing between them.

Akanksha Puri and Zaid Hadid’s Argument

Akanksha Puri, popularly known as Tijhi Puri, has been highly anticipated by fans to see her on Big Boss. Finally, the actress has made her entry into the show. During her introduction, she informed host Salman Khan that she is currently single. She clarified that her bond with Mika is solely that of good friends and nothing more. Interestingly, fans are expressing their fondness for the budding romance between Akanksha and Jay Hadiya. The chemistry between them is well-received by the audience.

Manisha Rani also flirts with Jed Hadid

In the show, Jay Hadiya has been observed flirting with Akanksha Puri on multiple occasions, and she responds to his advances wholeheartedly. This playful exchange between them is well-liked by the audience. Additionally, since the first day, Manisha Rani has been seen engaging in lighthearted mischief and banter with Jay Hadiya. Manisha Rani openly flirts with him, adding another layer to the dynamics. It will be intriguing to witness how the love triangle involving Akanksha, Jay, and Manisha unfolds in the upcoming episodes. Will this romantic triangle provide an extra dose of excitement for the viewers? Time will reveal the answer.

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