Bigg Boss Tamil: Job suddenly abandoned.. 11 men.. 8 months.. One room.. One bathroom!

Bigg Boss Tamil: After 50 days, Bigg Boss show is going fast. Just like what Vichitra said in the Earthquake task created huge waves, what Bravo said also made people stop and take notice. 

Similarly, what Vishnu said about his stepfather also moved the audience. Meanwhile, in the Earthquake task, Poornima talks about the thing that created the earthquake in her life.

When he speaks, “It was a time when I didn’t know much. I was working in an IT company. Suddenly, I lost my job. At the same time, my brother also lost his job. So I had to take care of myself. Due to lack of work, at that time I went and worked in digital media platforms.

1,500 to 2,000 per day out of which. However, monthly installments of education loans should be sent home. So I go to these jobs and save 10,000 and send it home. 

At some point I got completely involved in this field. Well, I looked for a house in Chennai to continue the same. No house was found anywhere. Finally, I had to stay in a room where 11 men were staying. I was with them for 8 months. 

I would say those 11 men are gold. But the house was not like that. The reason is that there is only one bathroom for all 12 people. So, there was a time when I would go to the office I was looking at, take a shower there and go to work. In one incident, the police came to my house claiming that prostitution was going on. 

But the residents spoke well of me and the guards informed the house and made me leave. I was like that then, today I have a house in my name in Chennai.


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