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Bikau Part 2 web series watch online on ULLU App

Ullu Originals has returned with yet another series, leaving people eager to discover the release date and time of Bikau Part 2. Delve into this article for comprehensive insights into Bikau Part 2. Continue reading to find out more.

Bikau Part 2 web series

Bikau Part 2 web series on ULLU

The trailer for Bikau Part 2 begins by giving a glimpse of the previous installment. In Part 1, we witnessed the girl being deceived by her boyfriend. He exploited her for financial gain rather than genuinely loving her. He manipulated her into believing that he owed money to specific individuals and convinced her to engage in sex work to earn money for him. As the story progresses, his true intentions are revealed. He claims to have connections with people who can offer her substantial amounts of money. Subsequently, she is shown interacting with a younger man, who comments on her age being a factor in receiving a higher payment. Later on, she receives a message from someone named Naina, inviting her for a final appointment. She meets with Naina, hoping to obtain the money she needs. When she finally obtains the desired amount, she emotionally asks her boyfriend if they can get married and leave this line of work behind. However, he coldly informs her that he cannot marry her. The trailer concludes here, leaving viewers wondering about her next course of action after being abandoned by her boyfriend. There is anticipation among people to find out the release date of Ullu Originals Bikau Part 2. You can watch the trailer for Ullu’s original series Bikau Part 2 below

When Be Will Ullu Originals Bikau Part 2 Released?

The release date for Ullu Originals Part 2 of the series Bikau has been officially announced by the creators. As a result, people have started preparing and adjusting their schedules accordingly. Ullu Originals Bikau Part 2 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, July 4th, 2023. The cast of this Ullu Originals production includes Shyna Khatri as their girlfriend, Ranjeet as her boyfriend, and Smita Paul as her friend. The series has a runtime of approximately 40 to 45 minutes and will be released in Hindi. It falls under the genre of drama and romance. The main title of the series is “Badal Raha Hai Mausam Yaha Dekho Jal Raha Koi Ishq Mein Yaha Dekho Bechainiyon Ko Kaise Dur Kare Woh Jab Uska Sanam Kisi Aur Ka Ho Raha Hai Dekho.” The series will be available for streaming on the Ullu platform. There is a lot of anticipation among viewers to watch the next part of the series. This concludes the information regarding the release date of Ullu Originals Bikau Part 2. For further updates and details about your favorite web series, stay tuned to our website.

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