Bonking adult star improved my marriage – we’re having more sex than ever

When Lena the Plug made a sex tape with well-known male adult star Jason Luv it broke the internet – but also vastly improved her marriage, with Lena claiming she now has “a lot more sex”

A podcaster who made a sex tape with an internationally-famous porn star claims that it improved her relationship with her husband.

Lena Nersesian, known to her fans as Lena the Plug, made her notorious video with Jason Luv in July last year. Soon afterwards, a row blew up between Jason and Lena’s husband – podcaster Adam22 – over comments the porn star had made.

Jason told an interviewer that because he had a 10” penis he had “obviously” performed better in the bedroom than Adam might be able to. But any friction is now very much in the past, with Lena insisting that the scene with Jason had brought Adam and Lena “closer” than ever before.

“There were things that I learned about myself that I wouldn’t have known until I did it like things in my relationship,” Lena told podcaster Holly Randall.

“I was scared for Adam to see the any of the content, but then I was also so excited to show him. It turned me on to know that he was going to watch it and that it also turned him on.”

Lena explained that after seeing the video, Adam’s sexual desire increased. “It did bring us closer – we ended up having a lot more sex than we normally do in the weeks following the scene with Jason,” she continued.

“It wasn’t like a thing where it was like Adam was trying to take his ownership of me back or anything,” Lena stressed, “it was just that we were more turned on and we wanted to f*** more.”

She said that she wasn’t sure if she would repeat the experience, explaining that it was “a big question mark” in their relationship at the moment.

After the controversial video went viral, and made a huge amount of cash for everyone concerned Adam22 – known to his mum as Adam Grandmaison – suggested that the next sexual stunt on the couple’s agenda might be a threesome with notorious men’s rights influencer Andrew Tate.

But Tate angrily rejected the offer: “There is zero percent chance of such a incident occurring,” he said, adding that there was no mount of money that would make him even consider the offer.


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