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Boss who gave staff ‘masturbate breaks’ asks how often people self-pleasure in doc

Porn director Erika Lust offered her workers a unique job perk by allowing them 30 minutes to masturbate every day to focus on self pleasure, and now she has dived into the topic in a documentary

A porn director who gave her employees opportunities for self-pleasure at work has delved into the topic further by interrogating people on how often they masturbate in a mini-documentary.

Erika Lust has won industry awards for directing erotic films, and made headlines last year when she revealed that she offered her workers the chance to take a break at work to have a private moment.

Now, in a mini-documentary released on her YouTube channel, Erika received a wide range of answers when she posed the question of how often people manage to find some alone time.

A lot of the responses suggested that the amount will vary depending on stress levels, with some even acknowledging that the recent changes in working environments had impacted upon their habits.

Erika Lust
Erika offered her employees the chance to take a break from work to prioritise self-pleasure (Image: @erikalustfilms/Instagram)

“On a daily average we’re talking four times a day, maybe. I work from home if that is an excuse,” one woman laughed.

But, while many admitted that some time alone helped them to de-stress, one respondent admitted swearing himself off the practice because it was making him unproductive.

“I thought I had a masturbation addiction at some point, so I started masturbating less. And I talked with my friend about it, and we discovered that if I masturbate more, you relax, you work less and you’re not that effective. So at some point I think I went without masturbation for two months.

Boss who gave staff ‘masturbate breaks’ asks how often people self-pleasure in doc
Erika has released a mini-documentary about masturbation on her YouTube channel

For others, it was a seasonal decision, with one polyamorous woman admitting: “There is no pattern, it depends on my mood or my level of stress or how often I see my couple, but definitely I masturbate more often during the summer.”

As well as revealing their habits, the documentary’s participants also shared some interesting anecdotes about times they had nearly been caught doing the deed.

One woman even revealed that she had gotten away with masturbating on a bus trip, aided by the cover of a blanket.

Boss who gave staff ‘masturbate breaks’ asks how often people self-pleasure in doc
Respondents offered varied responses about how often they found time to do the deed (Image: @erikalustfilms/Instagram)

And, addressing why she had decided to produce the documentary, Erika explained that she hoped to normalise conversations about sex.

“I realised that most parents are not really talking to their kids about masturbation; most parents are not even talking about sex,” she said.

The porn director described how she had adopted the approach with her own daughters, stressing that she didn’t want them to feel “shame” about self-pleasure.



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