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Brit OnlyFans star who makes millions every year says her dad is ‘proud’ of her

An OnlyFans superstar who makes millions every year on the X-rated website opened up to her fans this month in a Q&A session.

Bonnie Locket, 34, from Lincolnshire, posts racy photos and videos on OnlyFans where subscribers pay her a monthly amount to access her content.

The model, who now lives in Surrey, took to Instagram to answer the personal questions her followers most wanted to ask.

She shared her answers on her social media page, @bonnielocketxox, where she has an incredible 1.8million followers.

Many were keen to know more about the model’s life and her dating life.

One fan of the bombshell asked her what gave her “the ick” – a term which means something that turns you off about certain people.

And, Bonnie was open about what she didn’t love when it came to men.

Bonnie posts cheeky snaps on Instagram
Bonnie posts cheeky snaps on Instagram

The curvy star said: “Maybe posh accents, I don’t really like posh accents, about it really.

“I don’t really get The Ick from people.”

Bonnie has previously opened up about the kind of men she likes, though she has been in a long term relationship for many years.

She added that her ideal type of man was your everyday tradesman – so long as they fulfilled some other requirements that is.

Bonnie commented: “Construction worker, tall, dark, handsome, that’s my type.

“That’s just what I go for.”

And, people wanted to know more about the other man in the model’s life – her father.

Bonnie makes millions on OnlyFans
Bonnie makes millions on OnlyFans (Image: bonnielocketxox/Instagram)

One follower asked “Is your father proud of you?”

To which Bonnie replied: “Yep.”

She then shared a screenshot of a sweet message from her dad.

The message read: “I meant to say I love you being my daughter… I just love you and I am proud of you.”

Previously, Bonnie revealed that not everything about being an OnlyFans star is easy as she’s faced cruel trolls in the past.

The beauty said: “I have had people tell me they want me to die and they think I should kill myself.

“The abuse started almost as soon as I began posting on TikTok – the level of hate I receive on a daily basis is disgusting.

“There have been plenty of times where I’ve had to stop filming and ended up crying to my fiancé about it all.

“To get noticed and drive people to my OnlyFans I post fairly provocative stuff but it’s nothing outrageous and it doesn’t go against guidelines.”



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