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Conversation with Friends Release Date

Conversation with Friends is a TV series that is an adaptation of the Conversation with Friend novel, written by: Irish author Sally Rooney. After the successful hit of the novel, HULU/BBC Three made an intention to develop a Television adaptation of Conversation with Friends (Novel).

The cast of the show includes:

Alison Oliver as Frances
Sasha Lane as Bobbi Connolly
Joe Alwyn as Nick Conway
Jemima Kirke in the role of Melissa Conway

Alison Oliver is an Irish actress, she is an alumnus of Lir National Academy of Dramatic Art and graduated in 2020. In the series, Oliver plays the role of Frances.

Jemima Kirke plays the role of Melissa, wife of Joe Alwyn aka Nick Conway in the series.


In February 2020, it was announced that 12 episodes would be made of Conversation with Friends, and people who were behind the adaptation of Rooney’s second novel, Normal People, including a few creative minds, including Element pictures, director Lenny Abrahamson, and co-writer Alice Birch to return to adaptation.


As Hulu states, Conversation with Friends follows a 21-year-old student, who has gone into numerous number of relationship that confronts vulnerability herself. Being apart, Frances and Bobbi are inseparable and perform spoken word poetry in Dublin. Melissa, an old writer, met both and got fascinated by the pair.

Conversation with Friends
Conversation with Friends

Bobbi and Frances start to spend time with Melissa and her husband, Nick, a handsome and reserved actor. While Bobbi and Melissa started flirting with each other, Nick and Frances had a secret affair which was surprising to both of them.

Soon the affair starts to test the bond between Frances and Bobbi, which forced Frances to reconsider herself, and the friendship she held.

Conversation with Friends

The TV series, Conversation with Friends will release on 15 May 2022. It will be available on BBC Three and Player in the UK. There would be 12 episodes, each duration of 30 minutes. All the episodes will be released on the same date.


The trailer gives us a glimpse of how the dynamics between best friends and couples could shift. It is visible that how two ex-girlfriends turn down best friends can become entangled in the four-headed web of a relationship between the married couple Nick and Melissa.

How is the TV adaptation different than the Book?

The book adaptation of Conversation with Friends is much better than the TV adaptation because not all the content of the book can be shown on screen. Anyone who has read both books, Conversation with Friends and Normal People, can find the characters, story, and arcs of Normal People.



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