Coromandel Express collision: 261 more people died! Many bodies are dispersed, and more deaths are anticipated.

The number of fatalities from the Coromandel Express tragedy keeps increasing. Currently, 261 people have died, according to the authorities. more than 900 people hurt. Nearby hospitals are overflowing with injured people. Some of the injuries were severe. It is anticipated that number will rise as a result.

Mamata Banerjee flew to the location on Saturday. He went to the place. spoke with the minister of railroads. Together with the railway minister, Mamata slammed the railroads. He claimed that the railroads are not coordinated enough. He added that railroads had to treat passengers with more respect. According to Mamata, this accident has had a significant impact on a lot of Bengali citizens. The families of the Bengalis who perished in this disaster would receive compensation in the amount of 5 lakh rupees, according to the chief minister. He also mentioned the aggrieved party’s compensation of 50,000 rupees.

Standing still, the Chief Minister announced that everyone hurt in the state will, if necessary, be sent to Kolkata for medical attention. Mamata has already been to the scene of the accident. spoke with the wounded. Additionally, Mamata stated that she would discuss this with the Prime Minister.

The Railways have already informed it that a thorough investigation into the occurrence will be done. The relatives of the killed and injured will receive compensation, according to a statement from Railways. The compensation for the families of those who perished in the train tragedy will be Tk 10 lakh, Tk 2 lakh, and Tk 50 thousand, respectively, according to railway minister Ashwini Vaishnab. Narendra Modi, the prime minister, has also departed for the accident scene. Additionally, a number of state governments have offered their assistance.

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