Daughter Gets Slammed For Posting Pic of Condoms She Found Inside Her Mom’s Drawer

A woman is being slammed on Twitter after she posted an image of the condoms she found in her mother’s drawers. Sex is still taboo in our society. Not everyone can easily and freely talk about it. However, there should not be any shame associated with it. Twitter user ‘Nicola’ took it to a different level after she invaded her mother’s privacy by putting it on social media.

While many seem to call her out, there are people who also advised that she should respect her parents. “Bhaiij found this from my mom’s drawer,” she wrote on Twitter as she shared an image of the Durex condom box.

Here, have a look for yourself:

Since being uploaded, the image has gone viral with tons of responses. “Great that she is using a condom. I will applaud her for another reason: that she Doesn’t want another disgraceful kid like you who knows no personal boundaries. Your parents’ sex life is their personal space that you have no right to intrude,” wrote a Twitter user. Another person mentioned, “Why would u take the condoms out, place them on the bed and click a picture of it and post it on social media??? do people have no sense of boundaries anymore, she is literally YOUR MOM, why would u do here

like that.”

“You and your bhaii both could be avoided if your mother found this invention a little earlier. Mfs post anything for clout,” mentioned another person.

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