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Ebanie Bridges joked her eyes were bigger than her boobs after being disfigured in fight

Boxing babe Ebanie Bridges looked far from a pretty picture after sustaining a gruesome swollen eye in her fight against Shannon Courtenay last year

Ebanie Bridges joked her eyes were bigger than her boobs after being left with a disfigured face following her fight with Shannon Courtenay.

Bridges, who became world champion for the first time after beating Maria Cecilia Roman last month, came up short in her first title challenge 12 months ago when she lost to Courtenay. The Blonde Bomber went the distance with her British rival but lost out on the judges’ scorecards, with all three officials giving the bout to Courtenay.

The fight certainly took its toll on Bridges, who, as she put it, was left with an eye that looked bigger than her boobs after a brutal clash of heads in the fifth round.

“What a war – blood, guts and heart. Not a pretty face anymore. My eyes are bigger than my boobs,” she said after the fight. “I love fighting. I enjoy every bit of it. What can I say?

“I didn’t get the W, but I fought my heart out. I couldn’t see for the last three rounds, but I have no quit in me! Congrats to Shanny. It takes two to tango, and I hope we did what I said we would. I showed that pretty girls fight hard too! I hope it was entertaining for everyone.”

The horrible clash turned Bridges’ eyelid a shade of purple, but the upbeat Aussie remained in good spirits in the days after the fight, adding: “No modelling for a few days.”

Bridges can now model the IBF bantamweight belt following her victory over Argentine fighter Roman in Leeds last month. The 35-year-old babe won by unanimous decision to claim the title for the very first time.

Before the fight, the New South Wales fighter once again made Matchroom Eddie Hearn blush after stripping down to her trademark lingerie at the weigh-in. Walking onto the stage in a pink tracksuit, Bridges quickly got changed into her skimpy lingerie that fight fans have come to know and love.

But as she made her way over to the scales, she made a beeline for Hearn. Bridges approached the boxing supremo and handed him a pair of black sunglasses so that he wouldn’t have to awkwardly avert his gaze, as has been the case in the past.

After giving Hearn his gift, Bridges faced the camera with a grin as the promoter put the sunnies in his pocket. As Bridges did her thing on the scales, Hearn made sure to look away from the scantily-clad boxer.

Bridges may have divided opinion with her weigh-in clothing choices, but the new world champion has no plans to change her routine any time soon. “People love real – and I don’t give a f***. I am who I am. I do what I want, I say what I want, I dress how I want and I want other people to do that,” Bridges told the Boxing With Steve Bunce Podcast before the fight.

“Don’t watch my weigh-ins if you don’t like it,” she continued. “I don’t really care to be honest, because I am not going to change. I love weigh in dates, it’s a cool day and it’s the start towards the fight. I have a lot of fun.”



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