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Erotic content creator earning £46k a month inundated with strange requests

From taking photos all day to receiving unusual sex requests, an erotic content creator has revealed what her job is really like.

Giannini Byrd, from Miami Beach, Florida, uploads photo and video content to the website, a rival of OnlyFans.

The 27-year-old is so successful, she makes between $50,000 (£38,000) to $60,000 (£46,000) a month.

She spoke exclusively to the Daily Star about what her day to day entails and one of the weirdest requests she’s received.

“My content is NSFW/nude erotic glamour with a touch of the naughty model next door vibes and a sprinkle of spicy Dominican Mami energy,” she explained.

“I focus on uploading high-quality content, sharing my wild lifestyle sex adventures with Papi and other beautiful creators.

“You’ll find lots of sexy clips and gifs along with some behind the scenes clips and videos from my favourite photoshoots.

“My absolute favourite part is being able to get creative and show my personality with all the fun NSFW TikToks.”

While the content creator is open to a variety of requests, she shared the most unusual one she’s received.

“My weirdest request so far is a whipped cream enema… I even got a video reference which made it even more unusual.”

Giannini has worked hard to build up her loyal following and provide high-quality photos and videos.

While her lifestyle means there are no ‘average’ days, her days most often consist of lots of content creation.

“I wake up, take nudes. Shower, take nudes. Do hair and makeup and, yes, take more nudes. Then it’s hair and makeup,” she shared.

“After breakfast (and yes, there are breakfast nudes too) it’s basically an all-day marathon of photoshoots, self-shooting, editing, posting and scheduling all while simultaneously being active on all social media platforms.”

Giannini joined because of the variety it offers creators.

She said it is a combination of Pinterest, TikTok and Pornhub, meaning they can show off different sides of their personality.

“You get to show off your sexy side and also your creative and fun personality while all the other adult platforms, such as OnlyFans, Fansly and ManyVids are pretty much all the same,” she explained.

“You Follow, pay a subscription, enjoy access to an exclusive feed and pay for PPVs and that’s that. is definitely changing the game for adult creators and I feel safe and protected using it.”

To follow Giannina on, Instagram and Twitter, click here.



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