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Escort ‘reveals why women cheat’ – even if they’re in love with a partner

Australian sex worker Samantha X has given her view on why women cheat on their partners after speaking to some ladies who admitted they’d played away from their other halves

Escort Samantha X has shared her insight into why women cheat.

In a new article, the Australian sex worker was keen to clarify that cheating isn’t just a ‘man thing’ – saying many women play away too.

And she gave her view on why that is.

Writing for, Samantha said she posted simple statement on her Instagram page – ‘A relationship without intimacy is a friendship’.

She said the response she got was “overwhelming”, as she claimed it wasn’t just men messaging her, but women too.

One person told her: “I love my husband but our sex life is like meat and two veg: predictable. He’s a great husband, great dad and I would never leave him but I am in the prime of my life and need good sex.”

Escort Samantha X poses naked on a bed
Escort Samantha X has shared her insight into why women cheat (Image: @samanthaxafterdark/Instagram)

The woman – Rachel who is 37 with two young kids – went on to say that she doesn’t feel guilty and has sex with other men to feel ‘alive’ again, according to Samantha.

Rachel continued to tell her: “There are no affairs, I am not emotionally attached to these men, I just want to feel desired and to desire again.”

Samantha says Rachel meets men on websites for cheaters and although she says she doesn’t do it often, she sees her encounters as a ‘slice of luxury, movie star sex in a very black and white life’.

Escort Samantha X poses in a low-cut dress
Samantha had spoken to some ladies who had played away (Image: @samanthaxafterdark/Instagram)

The escort also mentioned another woman who says she sleeps with her ex sometimes but feels guilty after.

“I married the nice guy, not the sexy one,” said the woman.

While another mum told her once a year, her and her girlfriends go away and she ‘treats herself to one hall pass’.

“I come back refreshed and recharged and more appreciative of my husband,” the woman told her.

Despite saying she ‘doesn’t judge’, Samantha urged anyone who was considering cheating to talk to their partner and discuss an open relationship.

However, she said she knew things aren’t always that easy.

She wrote: “In an ideal world, I’d say communicate, talk to your partner, discuss an open relationship.

“But we don’t live in an ideal world. In my experience, people aren’t always honest in open relationships either.”

The article comes after Samantha previously admitted that a lot of men pay her thousands to not actually have sex with them – saying many just want an ’emotional connection’.



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