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Five age-defying mums who keep getting mistaken for their own much younger daughters

Many people on social media have been genuinely stunned by how young these yummy mummies look, with one 60-year-old even being compared to a supermodel

Mum-of-eight Louise is often mistaken for her daughters as fans can’t tell them apart (Image: Louise Young/Instagram)

There’s an old saying which goes, ‘You’re only as young as you feel’.

But, in the case of these mums who’ve wowed audiences on social media with their age-defying looks, that expression might as well change to, “You’re only as old as you’re told.”

Indeed, some of these evergreen beauties have had the clocks turned right back thanks to the complimentary comments from social media users, who have likened them to their own daughters and women more than half their age.

When 22-year-old Instagram influencer Misha Grimes posted a family holiday snap from Dubai many of her 155,000 followers couldn’t quite believe the age of her mum.

In fact, from the pic in which the pair don figure-hugging swimsuits, they just assumed 60-year-old Kasha was actually her sibling.

“I’m sorry but Kasha ain’t 60, she’s lying, ” wrote one fan, while another added, “Okay, your mum is a supermodel…. woah! Both so beaut.”

Misha Grimes and her mum Kasha – that’s her on the left, incidentally (Image: @misha_grimes/Instagram)

And someone else gushed, “Apple didn’t fall far from the tree, you look more like sisters.”

Tatiana Fleming-Smith and her mum Pandora also ended up going viral on TikTok after the pair – who are 17 and 45 respectively – shared some clips of themselves wearing almost identical outfits.

Both flaunted their toned torsos in white crop tops, with Pandora looking the spitting image of her child.

Tatiana Fleming-Smith and her mum Pandora have been mistaken for twins (Image:

The post racked up more than 600,000 views and endless amounts of comments from swooning users along the lines of, “OMG you look the same,” “I want her mum” and “You look like twins.”

Pandora said, “I am not going to lie, it is great to feel like I’ve still got it.”

“When I mention how old I am, people are always shocked, especially when they find out that I have teenage kids.”

Aptly-named Scottish mum Louise Young was another who caused disbelief online when she posed alongside three of her eight daughters following a workout at the gym.

And, in fairness, she is quite hard to spot (Image: Louise Young/Instagram)

The 45-year-old said people are often in shock over her youthful looks, and social media users labelled her a “wonder woman” for her upbeat energy, ageless complexion and for being a great mum.

Aussie fitness guru Tiffiny Hall also caused jaws to drop when she shared a snap of her 64-year-old mum Jeanette.

The 35-year-old’s snap racked up 7,500 likes and hundreds of comments, with one responding, “Oh my gosh! I hope I’m that hot when I’m older.

“Actually, I wish I was that hot now.”

Tiffiny Hall and mum Jeanette (Image: tiffhall_xo/Instagram)

Meanwhile, over in Russia, teenager Anastasia Shipilova, from Saint Petersburg, sparked a frenzy when she shared snaps of her mum, claiming the 45-year-old looked so good she “could still steal any man from her.”

Twitter users were bowled over by the pics and branded Anastasia’s mum a “MILF” – with some even begging to date her.

Anastasia’s mother can still “steal any man away from her,” apparently (Image:

One even joked, “May I be your stepfather?”



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