Free Fire Advance Server APK Download Link & Activation Code 2023

Looking to enjoy Free Fire’s advanced features of the upcoming latest version of Free Fire App before it’s released to the general public? The Free Fire Advance Server is the way to go! Download the Free Fire Advance Server now for Android in 2023 and experience new features, maps, and characters before anyone else. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the game and dominate the competition.

Friends, recently we got to see a new update in Free Fire Max which was released on 1 June 2023 in our country India. Through the update, we all have got the gaming environment of the OB40 version of Free Fire Max. Under this update, today players are able to play this game very easily on their device and enjoy it to the fullest availability made possible via the developers through the recent update. 

So, friends, today’s post is related to an update and important information which we are going to discuss. We hope that you will like today’s article and therefore we also request you to read our article from the beginning till the very end so that you can understand each and every piece of information clearly without any mistakes. 

Friends, as you know that Free Fire is a very popular game all over the world and its fans can be counted in crores. Everyday active players of the game are counted in crores and their feedback is also always positive regarding this game. 

Free Fire Advance Server APK Download

For your information, let us tell you that in 2020, Free Fire made the record of the most downloaded game in the world, which is included in the Battle Royal multiplayer category. Free Fire has never been behind for so much love and support for its players and every day the Free Fire department keeps on adopting some new things for its players and still impresses the players through the game.

Free Fire Advance Server

Well, our article today is not related to all this because, in today’s article, we are going to talk to you about the Patch Update Of Free Fire and other activities related to it. Friends, often we go to our game Free Fire, it remains unchanged until the next patch gets injected but when any update comes, many big changes are made in Free Fire, which is liked by the players and even not. A very important topic that emerges from the Free Fire Patch Update is the Free Fire Max Advance Server or Free Fire Advance Server.

So friends, through today’s article, you are going to cover this subject and present every tiny possible information related to it in front of you. Please give importance to this post and feel its benefits so that after reading there is no problem in your mind regarding FF Advance Server.

So readers keep your interest like this and now let us start this article without any delay in which our main topic is going to be Free Fire Max Advance Server. We will give you all the information related to it, like what it is, how it is and when it appears or when it is going to come, what is its date, what are its advantages, what are its disadvantages are and every important information about it that you should keep in mind. Most people have great curiosity and sometimes you would have also searched for the same thing on Google or on your browser. So let’s go and roll on the post over the title FF Advance Server.

What Is Free Fire Max Advance Server

So let us first start with its most basic information which is What Is Free Fire Max Advance Server? So, friends, there will be many people who will be new to Free Fire Max or have joined Free Fire Max at present and now after an update, they will be getting this information that there is something called an Advance Server in Free Fire and Free Fire Max. If so, let us now tell you about it.

Friends, will you be able to relate that whenever a new thing is launched, it is necessary to test it before that? Do you agree with this point here, you can tell us your opinion in the comment section now, and as far as we feel before launching any new thing many important things should be checked and it should be done in every possible way along with testing it, isn’t it? Similarly in Free Fire Max, there is something called Advance Server.

As we have mentioned in the above article that every time after a particular period, a patch update is brought in Free Fire Max, through which the entire environment and interface of the game is changed and the works over troubles and bugs are also brought in it. In fact, they are marked as solved, if ever existed. 

This update comes almost once every two months and it is referred to as The OB update. A total of 40 OB updates have arrived in Free Fire Max to date, which means that the total Forty OB update has arrived in Free Fire Max till now. If we talk about today’s day, even today Free Fire Max is also running above 40 updates. It means the current OB version in the game is OB40.

So friends, as we have told in the above paragraph that before launching every new thing it is necessary to test it properly, in the same way, the Free Fire department has also done something called an advanced server and through this, every upcoming thing under a new patch update or an OB update in Free Fire New checked. We are going to give you its complete information in the section below.

As we told you that every two months a patch update comes in Free Fire Max, so it is absolutely necessary that two weeks before every update, an Advance Server is launched which remains until the beginning of the same new update. Apart from this, the Advance Server runs only on the next update and the thing that is going to come in the next patch update is known through the Advance Server. And for testing exactly this, the developers of Free Fire have created Max Advance Server. 

Through the free fire max Advance Server we can enjoy the upcoming free fire max patch update and test it to every level. And through this Advance Server, you can also get free diamonds for your ID and we are going to share a lot of information about this too, so stay tuned till the end of this article. Before that we need to tell you some more things about Advance Server which we are going to summarize below.

FF Advance Server Registration

Friends, now the information that we are going to give you is very important and people often waste most of their time in search of this information. Many people must know that the Advance Server registration of Free Fire Max is done, and this registration can be achieved by common players like you and me, but how? 

So friends, this is exactly what we are going to tell now, As we mentioned in the above article that free fire Advance Server is a test face of the next OB update, millions of players keep running behind registering of Advance Server to try this very first. 

Now you must be thinking that why would this happen, then friends, for your information, let us tell you that there is a very big advantage of using the Advance Server which is related to Diamonds. Well, we will tell this thing in the section below, but now here we are going to tell you about the Registration Of Advanced Server of Free Fire Max.

How To Register For Free Fire Max Advance Server?

Friends, for the registration of Free Fire Max Advance Server, you have to visit the official website of Free Fire Max Advance Server and after that you have to login there with Gmail or Facebook. 

After that you have to click on the register icon given there for registration. After this, you are provided with an activation code and also the download link of the Advance Server Application, with the help of which you can download the Free Fire Max Advance Server application on your device. 

The work is not over yet because as soon as you open the application it will not work because you will have to enter an unique code here and this code is the same code which we know as activation code.

 When you would register for Advance Server, you will be provided with a large unique code which will be activation code and the same will be required whenever you will open the FF Advance Server Application for the first time in your device. After only entering the code, your I’d will be created on the Advance Server and you can play it excessively.

FF Advance Servers List

Indian ServerIndonesia ServerTaiwan Server
Vietnam serverMiddle East ServerPakistan Server
Thailand serverMalaysia ServerRussia Server
Europe serverBrazil serverBangladesh server

How To Register For Free Fire Max OB40 Advance Server?

Friends this process is very easy but unfortunately the OB40 Advance Server registration has expired because at present only OB40 update is running inside Free Fire Max. However, after two months, the Advance Server will be released in Free Fire Max, about which we will put a new post in our website, in which we will give you a step by step guide, how to download free fire max OB41 updates and also How You Can Be Register For It’s Advance Server. For this, you can stay connected with us and read our articles continuously.

Benefits Of FF Max Advance Server

So now we will tell you what is the benefit of joining FF Advance Server. The first advantage that you get from using the FF Advance Server is the chance to get Diamonds. Yes friends Garena Free Fire has taken out a policy under which if you are able find any bug in FF Advance Server and hand it over them and after verifying that report successfully you are provided Diamonds in your Original ID. More than half of the players who register in the Advance Server do so for this same reason.

So the second advantage of using Free Fire Max Advance Server is that you become entitled to the things that other people have not even seen yet, that means whatever things you will see in the next OB update, you get to use through advanced servers, well in such a situation who would not want to use the advanced servers of Free Fire Max? So this is its second specialty of FF Advance Server.

If you are a Youtuber then it is yours third benefit to use Free Fire Max Advance Server because through this you can show the upcoming changes in Free Fire Max through your videos will get views. Many people also join Free Fire Max Advance Server for this reason and make it a part of the growth of their YouTube channel.

You readers have known about the advanced server and its basic information till now, so let us begin our next subject where we are going to inform you about the next advanced server which is 100% guaranteed in Free Fire Max. The same is going to come with we will share you every information related to it and we will also tell you what will be the Expected Release Date Of Free Fire Max OB 41 update according to our analysis. So stay tuned and keep reading this article.

Free Fire OB41 Advance Server Expected Details

As we mentioned in the above paragraph that after every patch update, important changes are made in Free Fire Max such as change of interface and environment of the game. In the same way, the next coming advanced server will also bring many changes with it. So let’s have some discussion about it. According to the previous report, there is a distance of two months between the two updates of Free Fire Max update, in the same way there is a gap of two months between the Advance Servers of Free Fire Max, so if we calculate the time according to the above statement, then the next Advance server and next patch update can come around July 15, 2023 and August 1, 2023. The expectation of Advance Servers are based on the history of released Advance Server and OB updates.

Free Fire Max OB41 Update Expected Release Date

Friends, there will still be many of you who are waiting for a confirmed date on which date the OB41 version will be released in Free Fire Max. So we will let you know about this and We Have Estimated The Expected Release Date of OB 41 Update in Free Fire Max as 1st August 2023 To The Best Of Our Ability. 

Yes friends, this is true and you can wait and take the test of our analysis and if according to our analysis, if you would have benefited at all, then just by becoming a permanent reader of our website, you can spend your precious time with us. 

Free Fire Max OB41 Advance Server Registration Date

Friends, if we look at the history now, it is known that all the Advance Servers that have been pushed in Free Fire Max have been generated two weeks before the patch update of Free Fire Max. Considering exactly this report, we have reached the point that the registration of Advance Server of OB 41 version in Free Fire Max will be started between 15th July 2023 to 17th July 2023. 

So friends, here we are going to tell you a very important thing and that is you can read the articles of our website continuously because we always bring a dedicated article for every information related to Advance Server and exactly the same will happen.

When the advanced server of OB41 version will be launched, we will share every single detail of it with you, for which you will have to stay connected and read our article regularly. So please do not miss it at all and read our articles and as soon as we come to know about some more updates, we will update you by writing articles.

Readers, so far we have also given information about the Free Fire Upcoming OB41 Advance Server, all that information is related to the Advance Server of Free Fire and the complete information of OB 41 has been presented, we request you to read the following paragraphs as we are going to now describe the information and instructions about the running OB update in the game free fire which is OB40 and also find solutions to the problems related to it.

Free Fire Latest Version Download

Friends, now in this section we will talk to you about the OB40 version of Free Fire. As you know that Free Fire is currently banned in India and you cannot download this game through Play Store, although there is Free Fire Max game in Play Store and App Store, by downloading it you can download you can enjoy the OB40 version. 

Even after this, if you are not getting satisfaction and you also want to download and play Free Fire OB 40 version in your smartphone, then we will make it possible for you. So stay tuned and follow the following article and instruction.

How To download The Free Fire Latest Version Application?

Friends, now we are going to tell you the instructions that How You Can Download The Latest Version Of Free FireWhichIs OB40 Version. We are going to give you a link below which is Media Fire Key and through this link you can easily download Free Fire application, how to download it and what to do with it, you will get this information below.

  1. First of all you have to CLICK HERE.
  2. After that you will reach to your browser and the website of a media fire will open from where you have to download that file.
  3. After that you have to save it on your device and go to your file manager and locate it.
  4. Now what you have to do is to extract that file and install the application in it.
  5. After doing this, you have to wait for a while and you do not have to open this application.
  6. Now you will have another file named com.dts.freefireth.
  7. You have to cut this file from there and paste it carefully to Internal Storage > Android > OBB.
  8. Now you have to come to home screen and after that you have to open the Free Fire application and check whether Free Fire is running or not.
  9. We say with 100% guarantee that your mobile now has installed free fire which is the latest OB version which is free fire OB40 version.

So friends enjoy this latest OB version of Free Fire

Free Fire Advance Server FAQs

Q. 1- How to Download Free Fire Advance Server Key Application?

Ans – Whenever Advance Server is launched in free fire, after that you get only 3-4 days peiod when you can download free fire Advance Server application, after that the limit is over and you cannot download. But now whenever the next Advance Server will come, we will update you, so stay with us.

Q. 2- What is the official website of Free Fire Advance Server?

Ans –

Q. 3- Is Free Fire Advance Server available to all?

Ans – Yes,Advance Server is available for everyone who is using free fire. All you have to do is that as soon as the Advance Server is launched, you have to register within 3-4 days so that you can get the activation code.

Q. 4- What is the activation code in Free Fire Advance Server?

Ans – The activation code in Free Fire Advance Server is a code that is applicable only for a single person on each account, only after entering which you get access to the application of Advance Server.

Q. 5- When will the OB 40 update of Free Fire be launched?

Ans – Free Fire OB 40 update will be launched around 1st August

Q. 6- Will the next Advance Server application of Free Fire be available to download?

Ans – Yes, The next Advance Servers of Free Fire will be available between July 15 and July 18. This

Q. 7- What are the benefits of Free Fire Advance Server

Ans – There are many advantages of Free Fire Advance Server, one of the biggest advantages is that if you find and report any bug from inside Free Fire Advance Server, then in return you get Diamonds, that too in your original ID. 

Q. 8- How to download the latest OB version of Free Fire?

Ans – We have already shared instructions to download the latest OB version of Free Fire, through which you can play the game on your mobile comfortably by following the instruction and downloading the file by visiting the link mentioned above.

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