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GAME PS5 Restock is Coming in the UK on April 13 or 14

GAME is the latest UK retailer that will host a PS5 restock this week. The popular store which has previously held successful stock events will be releasing both Digital and Disc consoles during the Holy Week.

It should be noted that the upcoming batch of Sony consoles could roll out on Thursday, Apr. 14. For early birds, you can order this next-gen gaming machine as early as Wednesday, Apr. 13.

GAME PS5 Restock 

UK buyers who missed the previous PS5 restocks could find success this time in GAME for this week.

Buying a PS5 console remains hard as of writing since the never-ending issue of global chip shortage has not yet stopped. Because of this, some customers prefer to look for more options like exploring Xbox Series S|X and Steam Deck.

There are still loyal patrons who want to snag PlayStation 5 even if it means waiting for a month just to get one. 

However, several retailers have only limited stocks in their inventories and this alone made the console hunting for the people a painful experience to bear.

According to the recent report by Express, a UK-based tech site, the restock time in GAME could fall between 9 AM and 11:30 AM. Once the event kicks off, the official website of the retailer could now accept PS5 orders.

So far, the source added that there were 27 various purchase options for the PlayStation 5 console available on the GAME website. In addition, they were spotted to have an Apr. 14 launch date so that makes sense that a restock is arriving soon in the region.

The customers who missed the previous restocks from other stores could finally take advantage of this event. They can also purchase not just the PS5 Digital and Disc consoles, but also they could opt for bundled options that feature a lot of freebies such as game accessories and video games.

Speaking of PS5 Bundles, you might want to check out an exclusive package that contains the console and the two titles you should not miss this year: “Horizon Forbidden West” and “Gran Turismo 7.”

Aside from those, you could also mix it up with “Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut,” “Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales,” and “Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart.”

How to Score a PS5 in GAME

If you’re a newcomer to GAME, you might want to follow some tricks that we will share with you to increase your chance to obtain the next-gen gaming console.

You should remember that checking out either the Disc or the Digital console version is the fastest way to get one. You can do this technique even if you want to go for the bundled option.

You can also see a lot of success specifically when you are using the Guest checkout rather than the GAME account.

The last tip that you need to know is to use multiple devices at once. In doing so, you have more chances to snag PS5 once GAME kicks off the restock event.

You can use your PC, your smartphone, your tablet, and your laptop during the said event.

For the US buyers, Gaming Intel reported that Target might drop stocks on Apr. 14 or 15.

Written by Joseph Henry 

Source: Tech Times



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