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All Episodes of Ghar Ka Call Boy Primeplay Web Series Online

The racy web series on Primeplay app keep the viewers entertained. On their official Primeplay app, they have created a new intriguing web series this time called Ghar Ka Call Boy. A boy who works as a call boy and his family learning about his secret existence are the main subjects of the web series Ghar Ka Call Boy.

The web serial Ghar Ka Call Boy has been made available on Primeplay in two parts. The first installment of the Ghar Ka Call Boy web series consists of three 20–25 minute episodes. The online series offers a compelling plot replete with drama, emotions, and surprising turns. The series offers a captivating and enjoyable experience for the viewers thanks to its brilliant ensemble, which includes Pratham Verma, Manish Patel, Arohi Barde, Bharti Jha, Kaira Shehgel, Sarita, Bhumi, and Teena.

Release Date for the Web Series Ghar Ka Call Boy

Ghar Ka Call Boy Primeplay Web Series

With its impressive selection of web series, the Primeplay app is a tremendous hit. Each Friday, a brand-new episode is released to the delight of the audience. The most recent addition is the online series Ghar Ka Call Boy, which debuted on the official Primeplay app OTT platform on June 2, 2023. Because of its original idea and masterful execution, this thrilling series has already attracted interest and praise from fans.

Cast of the web series Ghar Ka Call Boy

A superb ensemble cast has brought the characters in the Ghar Ka Call Boy web series to life with their outstanding performances. The cast consists of:

  1. Pratham Verma
  2. Manish Patel
  3. Arohi Barde
  4. Bharti Jha
  5. Kaira Shehgel
  6. Sarita
  7. Bhumi
  8. Teena

These talented actors have breathed life into their respective roles and contributed to the success of the web series.

Story of the Ghar Ka Call Boy Primeplay Web Series

Ghar Ka Call Boy Primeplay Web Series

The intriguing plot of the web series Ghar Ka Call Boy centers on the life of the lead character, a young man who works as a call boy. Each episode of the series delves more deeply into the nuances of the protagonist’s life and the unfolding events.

Family Dynamics, the first episode

The principal actor and the dynamics of his family are introduced to the audience in the first episode of the online series Ghar Ka Call Boy. They learn the youngster’s motivations for choosing to work as a call boy and for keeping this information a secret from his family. His stepmother taunts him regularly, raising the possibility of an unorthodox relationship and adding intrigue and excitement to the plot.

Introducing New Characters in Episode 2

The second episode of the web series continues to establish the series’ overall theme while introducing new characters. Three friends, played by Bharti Jha, Arohi Barde, and Kaira Shehgal, decide to hire a male entertainer the night before Kaira’s wedding. Bharti Jha and Arohi Barde are enjoying the performance, but Kaira Shehgal is surprised to learn that the performer is her own cousin.

Kaira confesses her ancestry to the performer as she confronts her pals over being left out of the wild trip. Given that she had a gifted performer in her own home, her friends advise her to take advantage of the situation.

Episode 3: A Turning Point

The Ghar Ka Call Boy web series‘ third episode introduces an unexpected plot twist. Pratham is confronted by Kaira on their encounter the previous evening. He offers his sincere apologies and pledges to do whatever is necessary to put things right. Their predicament is exacerbated further when Kaira brings up the stringent family norms and the fact that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. The call boy expresses his desire to bond with a virgin female as the show progresses, giving away the enticing possibilities that are to come.

“Ghar Ka Call Boy” challenges conventions and keeps viewers interested with each new episode.

They ended up having the entire evening to themselves and teased the viewers to anticipate more from upcoming episodes. The Ghar ka Call Boy web series will have further episodes released on Primeplay app the following Friday.

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