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Glamour Game kaddu app web series cast, story, released date.

Like the web series you are looking for, this is what you will get. Finally, once again I have returned to you with the review of a new series of Kaddu app. So today we will talk about the Glamor game series of Kaddu app. Recently we got to see the trailer of this series on youtube. So now the question is when will this release be released? What good and what bad will we get to see in this? Is this series worth watching or not? This is what I am going to tell you in this blog today.

You guys were asking me in the comments when will the new web series Glamor Game of Kaddu app be released. So I want to tell you that some technical issues were going on with the Kaddu app. So due to this, the series was not released. But now finally the technical issue has been resolved. And very soon you people are going to get to see this web series named Glamor Game on Kaddu app.

Which is going to go somewhere by giving fun to you people.

If you guys haven’t seen the trailer yet, go watch it on youtube. In this story, along with Romance, Suspense, and love, you will also get to see some bloodshed. In this series, we will be shown the life story of a Glamorous lady. The concept of this series is quite different as compared to the rest of the ott platforms, so it is worth watching it once. In this, you guys are going to see two new actors, and guys you will also get to see Ritika Ansari in part two. Yes, you heard it right. Ritika Ansari is going to be seen acting in part two of this series, but part two still has some time to release and now it’s about part one, you guys will get to see it this week itself. And maybe you guys will get to see four episodes in this part one!

Glamour Game kaddu app

Right now here I tell you one important thing. If you people want to see any actors inside the Kaddu app, then you can tell the people of Kaddu app in the comments that you want to see these actors. This will surely fulfill your demand. So I hope you guys understand what I am trying to say! So in the end I would like to say that those who haven’t seen the trailer of the Glamor game yet. Bo people must watch the trailer on Youtube. You will be happy just by watching the trailer and you will also get an idea of how much fun this web series is going to be.

Story type Romance and Mystery.
10 lakh inr Rupees ApproximateKaddu app 
Release dateSeason – 1
Budget 30 June 2023
Season and partsSeason – 1
Total Episode Multiple episodes 
Running time16 Minutes par episodes. 
Director Name

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