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How to watch Moon Knight episode 6 online

We’re eager to watch Moon Knight episode 6 online with Disney Plus this week because last week’s edition ended on quite a moment with Steven. We’ll explain all of that below, so make sure you’ve seen last week’s episode before you dive into the finale.

The penultimate Moon Knight episode was at its best when we learned how Steven came to be. As they learned in a flashback of sorts while on Taweret’s boat, Marc and Steven’s souls were not balanced against the feather of truth (possibly) because of what Steven didn’t know.

After Steven saw how Marc’s childhood included the accidental death of his younger brother Randall, and subsequent abusive behavior from his mother, Steven realized he doesn’t actually exist. An Indiana Jones-like poster on Marc’s wall featured a character named Dr. Steven Grant, and Marc Spector’s dissociative identity disorder first showed itself when he took on the mannerisms of Steven Grant when coping with his brother’s death in the cave.

But on their way to the Gate of Osiris, and the upper world to stop Harrow,  was Jake Lockley, and he had a penchant for finding information and kicking butt. Then, Steven was knocked off the boat, Marc screamed for someone to help and the scales were balanced. Steven appeared to have died (but how could he, if he’s never really been alive?), and Marc was in the Field of Reeds.

Here’s everything to know about how and when to watch Moon Knight episode 6 online to see if Osiris helps Marc return. Will Steven’s absence mean that another identity takes his place? We’ve seen moments of another possibly helping, so there’s only one way to find out. Check out the Moon Knight finale trailer too!




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