Husband and wife did dirty acts while taking a dip in the Saryu river, people did the washing, watch the video

VIRAL VIDEO: While bathing in the Saryu river, a couple did such an act that the people present there got angry. After which people attacked the man.

VIRAL VIDEO: Usually people take bath in rivers at religious places to earn virtue. But a video of Ayodhya’s Saryu river is going viral on social media, in which a husband and wife (presumably) are seen getting romantic with each other. Seeing this act, the anger of the people present there became uncontrollable. After this, people thrashed that person fiercely. Now this video is very much discussed.

KISS to wife in Saryu

In this video, husband and wife taking a bath are seen doing KISS. According to the information, this incident is of Tuesday and on Wednesday this video came on social media and became viral. In the video of the incident that took place under Ayodhya Kotwali police station, it is seen that a young couple is taking a bath in Saryu, the husband is holding his wife tightly, in the meantime he kisses her. It seems that the woman does not know how to swim.

People thrashed, abused

Seeing this act, the people bathing in the river drag the man and woman out of the water and beat up the man mercilessly. Not only this, the people present in the crowd are also calling that man a lot of abusive words. People allege that the couple were spreading obscenity by bathing together.

Two types of things on social media too

When this video goes viral, two types of comments are coming out on social media as well. Some people are calling this act wrong. At the same time, some are calling the mob who beat up this couple as criminals. The Sarayu is one of the seven tributaries of the Ganges and is considered sacred by Hindus. Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Rama, is situated on the banks of river Saryu.