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‘I don’t mind if the husband gets our girlfriend pregnant – we’ll be one big family

EXCLUSIVE: Jess and Stephen are in a polyamorous relationship where they share a girlfriend. The pair are open to having kids in the future – even if Jess isn’t the biological mum

A woman watches her husband have sex with their girlfriend – and admits she wouldn’t mind if he got her pregnant.

Jess and Stephen Demarco, from Florida, US, have been together for 13 years.

They are polyamorous, which means they are in a relationship with another woman at the same time.

Previously, the OnlyFans star revealed they see themselves as husband and wife even though they’re not legally married.

They have swerved walking down the aisle together as they don’t want to exclude their girlfriend – but, although marriage is off the cards, having babies is not.

Jess and Stephen

Bisexual Jess, who is up for not just watching but romping the other woman at the same time as Stephen, has admitted that they would have one big family together.

Having had many girlfriends, the pair have not settled on one special lady yet but do not rule out having kids – whether Stephen gets Jess or their extra addition pregnant.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, the couple revealed their plans for a family in the future.

Jess explained: “Even though he and I may have children, and she and he may have children, we want them all to be like siblings under the same last name and not feel divided at school and things like that.

“So they can say ‘that’s my brother, that’s my sister’ and it doesn’t have to be so hidden like it was back in the day when you kinda did have to separate and keep it secret because it was a bad thing – you could get in trouble.

“Now that it’s kinda more acceptable, we do want a whole thing of it.”

Knowing that merged families are less frowned upon in this day and age, the pair are more up for having kids.

Jess and Stephen

She admitted: “It’s a big possibility that will happen to us [getting the girlfriend pregnant] and has happened to other people in the polyamorous and non-monogamous swinger community.

“When you are doing these activities, we probably will be in a threesome when we have babies.”

The 30-something couple often share their extraordinary life to their 704,000 TikTok followers – including the ‘bad’ parts.

Stephen said: “She knows it is a possibility [getting the girlfriend pregnant] and she likes to show the good and the bad of being polyamorous because at first she just showed all the good, and then people were kinda like ‘alright this fantasy, this fake world whatever’ so she was like ‘alright I’ll show some bad’.

Jess and Stephen

Previously, Jess explained what polyamory means to them and believes that traditional marriage is “failing”.

She expressed: “Polyamory is done in so many ways, it’s just the openness to love who you want and to think there is going to be one person that just fills all of your happiness is so slim to none.

“Marriage is failing and it seems that monogamy is not death do us part.



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