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‘I grew up poor – now I’m multi-millionaire at 21 thanks to naughty bikini pics’

A model who grew up poor has revealed how she’s now a multi-millionaire at the age of 21.

Linsey Donovan didn’t have much money growing up in Maryland, USA, where she lived with her parents Mary and Vincent.

However, now she’s worth a whopping £4million from selling sexy bikini snaps and investing in property.

The stunner, who brands herself ‘Bikini Barbie’ moved to Florida on her 18th birthday and turned to social media to make money, as she began streaming videos of herself.

She became a millionaire aged 19 and put the money into property, which really saw her get rich.

Model Linsey Donovan poses in red lingerie
She became a millionaire aged 19 as she began streaming videos of herself (Image: @bikinibarbie99/Instagram)

Linsey now owning seven homes, with a property portfolio which is worth millions.

And she’s so desperate for her parents to move down to be with her that she’s bought them a house.

She told Truly: “I’m surprising my parents with their dream house.”

“They screamed as they looked around the gorgeous home which included a swimming pool.

“‘You’re buying this for us?’ they asked of the property which boasted four bedrooms, six bathrooms and a guesthouse.

Model Linsey Donovan poses in a crop top and denim shorts
She’s now she’s worth £4million from selling sexy bikini snaps and investing in property (Image: @bikinibarbie99/Instagram)
Model Linsey Donovan poses in a top and denim shorts
Linsey owns seven homes and is buying her parents a house (Image: @bikinibarbie99/Instagram)

“It feels good to give them the life they deserve.”

Her dad added: “[I said to her the other day] ‘I’ll be your rock’ and she said, ‘No, I’m your rock’.”

Linsey herself lives in a multi-million pound mansion and recently even bought her horse, The Great Oz, a house.

She also revealed that she’s spent more than £80,000 on clothes since she was 16 and had makeup worth £40,000.

Model Linsey Donovan with her mum and dad
Her parents’ new house boasts four bedrooms, six bathrooms and a guesthouse (Image: @bikinibarbie99/Instagram)

Mary and Vincent said their daughter had “always wanted to make money”.

As well as selling ‘naughty’ bikini pictures, Linsey also poses nude on Snapchat and livestreams on OnlyFans.

Alongside this, she has more than 23,000 followers on Instagram, who regularly gush over the sizzling snaps she shares on the site.



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