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‘I’m pretty and blonde so people underestimate me – they don’t realise I study law’

EXCLUSIVE: Law student and model Giulie has shared that she is often underestimated because of her good looks – she compares herself to Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

It is often thought that you can’t have both brains and beauty – but 24-year-old Giulie has just about proved everyone wrong.

The blonde law student and fitness model defied trolls who underestimate her intelligence because of her good looks and long locks.

German based Giulie really is the real life Elle Woods as she is paving herself a career path that is usually taken up by men in grey suits.

The blonde bombshell balances being an Instagram influencer and model alongside her law degree – so it is safe to say she is a force to be reckoned with.

Giving Reese Witherspoon’s character from Legally Blonde a run for her money, Giulie exclusively told the Daily Star: “I’m very often compared to Elle Woods and I really like it.

woman in purple dress
Giulie knows how to pull off smart attire (Image:

“I liked the idea that people underestimate me because of my look and I wanted to prove to them that I can be educated and good looking all in one.

“I can live from my Instagram and my work on social media but it’s really important to me to grow and have the best education you can have.

“So I want to finish my law studies, so when social media isn’t a topic for me anymore, I can work in a high valued job after.”

But, with success and Giulie’s good looks comes a barrage of jealousy from people who want to see her fail.

“People always underestimate me and don’t believe in me and sometimes they wish that I won’t reach my goals”, she said.

blonde woman
The blonde beauty also has brains (Image:
woman in bikini
Giulie shows the lawyers do not just have to be dull and don grey suits (Image:

“I think it’s because I prove [to] them ‘hey you can look good from the outside and be superficial but there can be a very smart person on the inside too’ I think it triggers them because it’s hard to criticise a person that combines both.”

The brainy beauty believes that others are just insecure about their own lives – but Giulie thinks that anyone can reach the same success she has found.

She added: “When people talk bad about me or my life it’s mostly because they don’t grow in their life anymore.

“I think they are bored and not happy in their lives and they see that I show them everyone can do whatever they want and everything is possible if you just stay consistent and work for your goals.

“I think it’s beautiful to see that you can’t judge a person by [their] look and that you can surprise [those] who are not believing in you just by staying true to you and your dreams.



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