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‘I sleep with 15 people a week with my partner – we need sex to stay sane’

An adult star has opened up about her “sex addction”, which she says leaves her needing to sleep with other partners to stay sane.

Sophie Anderson now works as an adult entertainer, posing for OnlyFans and featuring in porn movies with her partner Damian Oliver.

Recently, however, the performer has been forced to prioritise her health after nearly dying from sepsis following a painful breast implant explosion.

This hasn’t prevented her from wanting more surgery, though, and she told The Fellas podcast that she hopes to “go big” on her bottom despite the health risks of surgery.

And, while chatting about her projects on the podcast, Sophie was asked to reveal her “body count”, meaning the amount of people she had slept with.

Sophie Anderson
Sophie Anderson is a self-confessed “sex addict” (Image: Sophie Anderson)

The adult star replied that it was difficult to be precise, given that she had worked as a prostitute and escort before turning to porn, but still shocked the hosts with her guess.

“I was seeing at least sometimes 10 to 20 clients a day,” she explained.

“Honestly it is mental, the only way I can stay sane is to have sex.”

“On average, I reckon it has gone down, because I don’t escort anymore, so I reckon we get through about 15 different people a week.”

Sophie Anderson
Sophie claimed that she once saw 10 to 20 clients a day as a sex worker

The show’s producer calculated that, as Sophie had been with her partner for over a year, this would mean that she had slept with over 780 people in the past year.

“That’s still not bad”, she reflected.

“Because of my sex drive, honestly if I don’t have it, I get mental.”

Sophie has enjoyed exploring a non-monogamous relationship with her partner Damian.

She confessed: “It wouldn’t work for me, or it wouldn’t work for him, if we didn’t enjoy sex with other people as well.”

Sophie Anderson
Sophie Anderson has been recovering in hospital after one of her breast implants exploded (Image: Sophieasuccess/Instagra​m)

While in hospital recovering from her unfortunate injury, Sophie also revealed how her boyfriend Damian had helped her to relax, offering to bring a container with his semen in to make her giggle.

The couple are currently venturing around, filming their series F***in Explorers, where they find interesting places to explore and sleep together in.

And Sophie admitted: “We love each other but sex for both of us is the most important thing in our lives.”



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