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‘I’m attacked for being a hot mum – jealous trolls say I’m embarrassing my sons’

Jen Ferguson defied keyboard warriors to say she “shouldn’t be showing” off her body online – the self proclaimed “hot mum” ignored trolls by refusing to cover up

A “hot mum” refuses to let trolls hold her back.

Jen Ferguson is used to being judged over how she looks and dresses.

The 31-year-old, from the US, believes people who leave her hateful comments are just “jealous”.

On TV show My Extraordinary Family, Jen revealed: “I honestly think that a lot of women are jealous because they don’t have the confidence I have. So I have kids and I can’t be hot anymore? No way…

“I think the biggest problem is that they think I’m a mum, I have sons, so I shouldn’t be showing this.”

Far from being deterred, the influencer added: “Come on, we all have a chest, we all have a body”.

Jen Ferguson
Trolls have called Jen a gold-digger and implied she’s embarrassing her sons (Image: Instagram)

Keyboard warriors don’t just attack Jen for how she dresses, they also accuse her of being a “gold digger”.

Her fiancé Stephen admitted: “My family has not reacted very well to my relationship with Jen.

“They’re very stubborn, they’re very old school and old-fashioned.”

But the age-defying mum, who is currently expecting a child with her partner, defiantly hit back.

She added: “I love him because I love him.”

Jen Ferguson
Jen, who is currently pregnant, is used to being judged over her looks (Image: Instagram)
Jen Ferguson
She refuses to alter her glamorous style for anyone though (Image: Instagram)

She urged fans to embrace their inner “sexy” mum instead of covering up after having kids.

Jen told us: “Being a mum is sexy as hell!

“Show your curves and don’t be ashamed to dance like a crazy person on TikTok in front of millions of people.

“Life is short.”

The blonde bombshell, who has three sons, added: “It’s the ‘Karens’ of society that make other women believe it’s not okay to keep your body tight, your looks in check, and your confidence high enough to show it off.

“I think ALL mums are hot in their own individual ways.

“Being a mum is hard work – it takes a real badass to be a good mum! That to me is hot.”



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