I’m ex adult star Mary Carey – I met Hugh Hefner and even ran for government in my heyday

Mary Carey is now a stay-at-wife and also stays in contact with her fans as a cam model. However, she’s decided to share intimate details of her former glamorous life as an adult star

Mary Carey poses in a black dress
Mary Carey has dished on her former glamorous career as an adult star (Image: Jam Press/@realmarycarey)

A former adult star dished on her former wild career – including meeting Hugh Hefner and running for governor against Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mary Carey is now a stay-at-wife and also stays in contact with her fans as a cam model. However, she’s decided to share intimate details of her former glamorous life – from rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous to shooting saucy sex scenes.

She’s lived a life most people only dream of, having posed for Hustler magazine, and mixing with celebrities like Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Playboy bunnies and even meeting Hugh Hefner.

The former “party girl” first entered the Hollywood scene as a stripper and then went on to be a successful adult star. She even run for government against Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mary Carey poses in a khaki green top
She’s now a stay-at-home wife and cam model (Image: Jam Press/@realmarycarey)

In a tell-all tale, Mary, now 43, married to a doctor, reveals how she went from small-town girl to adult superstar.

“I always wanted to perform for a crowd,” Mary, who has 795,000 followers (@‌realmarycarey), said: “From the youngest age, I was putting on shows and dreamed of being a dancer and joining the Royal Ballet. But life didn’t turn out that way.

“Doctors discovered I had grown an extra bone in my ankle that needed to be removed. The injury meant that I could not stand on pointe properly and it was extremely painful. I decided not to have the surgery and had to give up my dancing career, or so I thought – until a few years later, I saw a competition for a strip club.

Mary Carey poses in pink lingerie
The blonde bombshell is a former stripper and appeared in adult films (Image: Jam Press/@realmarycarey)
Hugh Hefner poses for a photo
She worked for Playboy TV and met Hugh Hefner at a staff party in 2003 (Image: Corbis via Getty Images)

“I was already out drinking and dancing with my friends every night and thought it would be fun to get paid to be a sexy party girl. I won first place and I absolutely loved it. The nudity didn’t phase me.”

Mary left her hometown of Fort Lauderdale in the US behind and moved to Los Angeles when she was 21. She began stripping regularly to fund her lifestyle and pay the bills, and often encountered celebrities while at nightclubs or at the strip club.

Eager to make more money, after a few years, she upped the ante. “I wanted to progress in the world of stripping and the way to do that was to become a ‘feature girl’,” she said. “They are paid up to $5,000 (£4,000) for one appearance in a club and are on flyers and billboards.

“I started doing photo shoots for magazines to raise my profile and gain some celebrity status. I was making $250 a day to start but that number soon climbed up.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger while he was California Governor
, Mary decided to run for governor against Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003 (Image: AFP via Getty Images)
Mary Carey poses braless in a robe and tights
She made $100,000 (£80,000) from just six adult films (Image: Jam Press/@realmarycarey)

When friends told Mary that starring in adult films was the best way to get more fans and promote herself, that’s exactly what she did. And the money was soon rolling in fast and hard.

Mary said: “I made being an adult star a part of my mission to get the best dance gigs. “I found a soft porn VHS in Blockbuster and I literally wrote to the studio address on the cover with my picture asking to be considered as an actress.

“I always saw the racy movies as an opportunity to raise my price as a touring dancer and took whatever work came my way. Plus I was paid tons of money. For six movies a year, I made $100,000 (£80,000).”

A rising star in the adult industry, Mary – who also worked for Playboy TV – visited the Playboy Mansion seven times, and even met Hugh Hefner at a staff party in 2003 – saying it was “it was brief but he was very sweet”.

Mary Carey poses in red lingerie
She spent two decades touring clubs, making sexy movies and connecting with fans online (Image: Jam Press/@realmarycarey)

In a perhaps controversial move, to boost her celebrity status further, Mary decided to run for governor against Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003. She came 10th among 135 candidates in the election, campaigning for a “porn and pistols” policy, incorporating the election theme into a sexy strip show.

Mary also claimed that giving free adult films to anyone who turned in their gun could reduce gun crime. She said: “My porn company owner had the idea when he heard about the recall election. I registered to run in August 2003.

“It was so much fun and really shot me to mainstream fame and pretty much changed my life. It was so fun to learn more about our government and to see what support there was for me. I was fun, dumb and full of fun back then but my heart was in the right place.”

Mary Carey poses in a metallic pink bikini and tights
She says she ‘wouldn’t change a thing’ about her life (Image: Jam Press/@realmarycarey)

Mary brushed the loss off pretty quickly – spending the next two decades touring clubs, making sexy movies and connecting with fans online. It wasn’t until she met her now-husband, an ER doctor, in 2017, that she decided to put her wild party girl days behind her – with the pair splitting their time between LA and Florida.

Although she embraced her life as a stay-at-home wife, Mary missed interacting with her fans and still does camming from home, as well as sharing saucy snaps online. She added: “I retired from porn in 2007 but was still doing club appearances three times a month, shooting late-night Cinemax movies and having a radio show.

“I love entertaining and I’ve always been proud of everything I have done. My work might look different now but it suits me. I’m loud and open and have a crazy personality.

“The experiences I’ve had – to be on billboards and going to shows with a police escort and travelling the world – I wouldn’t change a thing.”

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