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Influencer says her belly bump should be ‘celebrated’ even though she is not pregnant

An influencer has declared that her belly bump is ‘cute’ even though she is not expecting a child.

Body positive babe Nelly London often shares uplifting content to her 498,000 Instagram followers – and she is certainly not shy about stripping down to her undies.

Previously, the brunette beauty wowed fans as she flaunted her curves in some Spring themed lingerie – and they really couldn’t keep their eyes away.

This time, Nelly has donned her bra and knickers to show some appreciation for her tum.

The influencer has opened up about how only women with baby bumps are ‘celebrated’.

She pointed out that women with rounded bellies who aren’t expecting do not receive the same positivity.

In the post, the Brighton-based influencer ditched her clothes for a cream bra and high waisted knicker set.

woman in underwear set touching belly

To embrace her natural curves, Nelly placed one hand on her hip and the other on her relaxed belly ‘bump’.

She declared: “Doesn’t have to be a baby bump to still be a cute bump.”

The influencer then continued to celebrate stomach bumps of all kinds in the caption.

Nelly explained: “Baby bumps are glorious, they’re beautiful, they literally bring life into the world, and we treat them as such (rightly so).

“But having a bump for any other reason – not so much celebration.

“Even if that bump is there BECAUSE you’ve had a baby, no no no, please transform immediately to your previous state so it isn’t even possible for us to notice you once carried life.

woman in lingerie
So stunning! (Image: _nelly_london/Instagram)

“I have not carried any children but I’m going to celebrate my body anyway.”

Inspired by Nelly’s post, many people fled to the comments to praise the influencer for embracing her tum.

One person commented: “As someone who also has a pooch which has not carried any babies, this was lovely to read. yay to pooches!”

Another user added: “Thank you so much for this! Struggled with my body image so much these last few months after an ovary emergency. No one warned me about the slow recovery from abdo surgery. You are a glorious human, thank you.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “I love this so much and really needed it.”

Someone else praised: “Oh this is so cute!! I honestly love this post so much.”

And, a fifth person expressed: “Food babies are just as special.”



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