Lady Gaga has ‘weird’ sex dreams about blow up dolls and infidelity fantasies

Singer Lady Gaga has shared many intimate details about her sex life throughout her career, but her wildest yet may have been a wildly candid blow up doll confession

Lady Gaga has confessed to having bizarre sex dreams, that feature “blow up dolls” and “massive creations”.

Back in 2013, Gaga spoke to Kiss FM about her wildest midnight fantasies: “In my mind when I picture sex dreams, it’s so bizarre! It’s me standing there with some massive couture creation, staring at a blow up doll or something. That’s what my sex dreams are like. My sex dreams are weird!”

The Poker Face singer also confessed that she thinks about other people while she’s getting it on in the bedroom: “Haven’t you ever been laying in bed with someone and fantasised about someone else?”

She then spoke about her song Sexxx Dreams, from her third studio album Artpop: “In the song, I’m explaining my infidelity to the person I’m with and then I’m having a conversation with myself to the person that I’m fantasising about.”

Some of the lyrics are as follows: Damn, you were in my sex dreams, doing really nasty things. Damn, you were in my sex dreams, making love in my sex dreams. Two years prior to her candid confession, Lady Gaga spoke to Grazia about losing her virginity.

Lady Gaga even wrote a song about her sexual fantasy
Lady Gaga even wrote a song about her sexual fantasy

She told the publication: “I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 17, but I have to say even then I wasn’t ready, and it was an absolutely terrible experience. It wasn’t good at all. I have never not had safe sex, I have always asked a guy to be tested and to use protection, which was always my rule. Otherwise you’re playing Russian Roulette!”

The star says she has always had safe sex
The star says she has always had safe sex (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

At that point, Gaga admitted that hadn’t been enjoying sex until “two years ago”. She finally let loose when she found herself in a “proper monogamous relationship” in which she “felt free enough to trust” and had worked on her own “self love”.

“Sex is the ultimate expression of vulnerability and for me, it was important to know that it was a proper relationship so it was sex as a source of love and nothing else.”


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