Lari Sumpani: I enjoy two-hour sex sessions – my boyfriend couldn’t keep up so dumped me

Lari Sumpani, 24, is adamant about keeping with her sex diet in a bid to tone up for Miss BumBum 2023. But not everyone is keen on indulging between the sheets so many times a day

Lari Sumpani
Lari Sumpani is enjoying a lot of time between the sheets (Image: @eusumpani – CO Press Office)

A model revealed how she loves having sex three times a day for a minimum of two hours each time.

Lari Sumpani enjoys bonking so much that she uses it as a way to get into shape for Miss BumBum 2023.

The 24-year-old opened up about her new sex diet – and her lover isn’t so keen on the idea of it.

The bombshell even lost her partner as a result of her demanding routine.

She decided to adopt a peculiar method to prepare for the contest and believes it’s key for her to get into shape.

Recently she admitted to the diet after a series of Q&As with her 249,000 fans on Instagram.

Lari Sumpani
The 24-year-old is gearing up for Miss BumBum (Image: @eusumpani – CO Press Office)

She revealed: “I have sex at least three times a day for two hours each session.

“I believe this intensity helps to tone up the gluteal muscles, essential to compete in Miss BumBum Brazil.”

However, this demanding routine came at a price as her partner could not keep up and decided to end the relationship.

For Lari, having sex multiple times a day helps her reach her goals and boosts her confidence for the competition.

Speaking about her ex-boyfriend, she added: “I had been with him for a long time.

“But since I started this sex diet, he wanted to break up with me.”

Lari Sumpani
Lari is bonking three times a day for two hours (Image: @eusumpani – CO Press Office)

Sadly for Lari, her boyfriend thought it was way too crazy to have sex so many times a day.

Now the model is single and on the hunt for a new training partner.

The Miss BumBum competition returns soon and it’ll see a host of beautiful women take to the stage.

Recently the models from this year’s competition strutted their stuff in a viral challenge online.

Models Lari and Kine-chan decided to recreate the toilet flipping challenge which blew up on TikTok.

It became a huge deal back in 2020 when scores of users took on the skilful task.

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