Laura Desiree: I love stripping naked on stage – but it causes problems for my identical twin

Naked News presenter Laura Desiree says her job can sometimes be a bit awkward for her twin sister – because her sibling Sophie has a much more conventional approach

Laura Desiree
Laura told podcaster Holly Randall that there are some significant differences between her and her twin (Image: @HollyRandallUnfiltered/Youtube)

An erotic star says her identical twin can get into awkward situations due to her sexy career.

Laura Desiree – a burlesque performer, YouTube star and former Naked News presenter – says her sister Sophie isn’t as comfortable with nudity as she is.

So when Sophie is taking it slow with people she’s dating, it can get rather tricky when they watch Laura perform.

Speaking to the Holly Randall Podcast, Laura said: “Over the years it’s been a really funny ride because I’ve always been so exhibitionist and so proud to be naked and free about my sensuality.

“I remember her early days of dating someone and I would say ‘I’m going to do a burlesque show tonight, you guys should come out’.

“And she’d say ‘well, we haven’t done that yet so I don’t want him getting a full visual of you, before I’ve had the chance to do it’.”

Holly's sister decided not to take her new boyfriend along to the burlesque show
Holly’s sister decided not to take her new boyfriend along to the burlesque show (Image: @TheLauraDesiree/Youtube)

Holly joked that anyone who wanted to see Sophie naked would just have to go and watch her identical twin perform.

And Laura explained: “I had to respect that you know… our bodies are identical”.

It’s “a curse and a blessing,” having an identical twin, Laura added.

“The psychological torment that we can inflict upon each other in a just a glance is unreal”.

But, despite the awkwardness, her family are fully supportive and “non-judgemental” about what she does for a living.

Laura's family are fully supportive of her unconventional career choice
Laura’s family are fully supportive of her unconventional career choice (Image: lauraxdesiree/Instagram)

Laura says she had to rein in some of her natural sexiness when she was on Naked News.

It was important to still deliver the headlines while sitting up straight and parading her body, which can be harder than it looks.

Laura said: “You’re delivering the news in that very upright in your face full frontal way that we do and yeah it felt so awkward because I wanted to hinge my body in certain ways…

“On Naked News you stand straight… and you get fully naked so yeah that was kind of intimidating.

Laura says she's always felt comfortable naked
Laura says she’s always felt comfortable naked (Image: @TheLauraDesiree/Youtube)

In particular, she says, she found the endings tricky.

Laura added: “When you leave the the segment there’s the turn and the walk away… that thing terrified me because again I can’t slink away like the Pink Panther is playing like you gotta turn and walk away”.

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