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Love Island star brands Johnny Depp’s legal win against Amber Heard ‘triggering’

Love Island star brands Johnny Depp’s legal win against Amber Heard ‘triggering’

Tayla Damir was the winner of Australia’s first Love Island in 2018, and has slammed the response to Johnny Depp’s legal win, after she suffered domestic violence at a young age

Love Island star Tayla Damir, who was the winner of the Australian version in 2018, has spoken out against the public response to Johnny Depp’s win against Amber Heard in the defamation court trial.

Tayla has spoken about being a survivor of domestic violence, and said it is “never ok” and that the situation has been “triggering” for her.

She spoke about her experiences with violence and said that it was “never ok to make fun of domestic violence”.

The jury found Amber Heard’s statements about Johnny “false” and she behaved with “actual malice”.

This comes after she wrote an article for the Washington Post in 2018, alleging physical and sexual domestic abuse.

While she never mentioned Johnny by name in the article, it was believed she was alluding to her ex-husband as the article came not long after they announced their divorce.

Amber has been the subject of jokes and memes, as the trial was made publicly available. Tayla has recently spoke about finding the public response upsetting.

She took to Instagram to speak on the situation, saying: “As someone who has been through domestic violence in a relationship at a young age and survived, the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case is extremely triggering.

The case has been seen as a drama series to the world. An opportunity for memes and TikTok videos.

“The worst thing about this court case is that neither of them are fighting for domestic abuse changes but instead arguing about their reputations. It’s a case built on ego.”

She said that she thought the case might bring a negative reaction to those who are suffering from domestic abuse, and victims might feel like they can’t speak out about it.

She went on to say: “For people in domestic relationships, one of their biggest fears is that no one will believe them and when you watch how the world has reacted to this case (taken the opportunity to create a mockery of it). Do you blame them?

amber heard
Amber Heard became the brunt of jokes (Image: Getty Images)

“Regardless of who is at fault here. There is never a time or place where it is OK to make fun or light of domestic violence claims. Think about how many people would be too scared to come forward due to the world’s reaction over the last few weeks.

“Imagine if there was a loved one of yours stuck in a domestic relationship and they saw you sharing a meme from this case. Do you really think they would now confide in you?”

Tayla concluded: “It’s not a matter of who won or lost this case, it’s about respecting people who are survivors of domestic violence who didn’t survive and who are trying to survive.



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