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Love Island turns X-rated as Tasha and Andrew ‘become first couple to have sex in villa’

Love Island viewers have lost their minds as they watched Tasha and Andrew get it on in the hideaway as they become the first couple to take things further in the villa

Love Island viewers lose their cool as they watched the first couple get it on inside the villa.

Andrew and Tasha were the first couple to enter the hideaway during this year’s series.

The pair have gotten closer as the series kicks off its second week of episodes.

Tasha could be seen donning a sexy orange lingerie set as she made a move on her partner Andrew.

The next morning, the girls and boys congregated to chat about what the couple got up to.

Tasha ended up spilling more than Andrew who didn’t give much away, with her revealing that she gave him a “manicure”.


Andrew did also tell the lads that he felt “lighter” which insinuated that they did get up to something.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to comment on the affair, with one writing: “Andrew feeling lighter from Tasha sorting him out in the hideaway you naughty bird #LoveIsland”

Another added: “Can’t believe Tasha gave Andy and handy. It’s been a week. If he strays in Casa Amor she’s got to k!ll him cus ain’t NO WAY boiiiiii #LoveIsland”

They enjoyed their private time away from the group (Image: ITV)

Another didn’t believe they didn’t go the full way and said: “Not sure I believe Tasha and Andrew that they only did hand stuff.. girl was basically riding him whilst the camera was still on.. and if I’m right, then damn own it girl taking what you wanted #LoveIsland”

Another added: “Went from England getting f***ed to Tasha getting f***ed #LoveIsland”

Other fans were thrilled with Andrew’s ability not to tell that lads everything.

Tasha got all dressed up for the occasion (Image: ITV)

One viewer wrote: “That’s actually respectfully of tasha u know cause bare men would have told the whole thing #LoveIsland”

Another agreed: “Good on Andrew for being respectful about the previous night. I would like to think Tasha’s done the same”

And so did a third: “Andrew not wanting to talk about his exploits Tasha w the boys is acc very respectful & attractive, it’s not “boring” #LoveIsland”



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