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Malaika Arora’s Sunday Binge Was About Cacio E Pepe And Three-Tier Berry Cake

Malaika Arora’s foodie shenanigans are too delicious to miss. While her shoot schedules and day outs have one too many healthy and nutritious food, her weekend binge is all about sweet treats and that extra cheese. Malaika, in a series of Instagram Stories, gave us a sneak peek of her kitchen diaries. “What’s cooking?” Malaika asked her fans, as she uploaded a video of sauteing some garlic in a pan. Any guesses? No worries. In the very next upload, the actress spilled the beans. “Some spicy cacio e pepe in the making,” she is heard saying in the background of the clip. 


We would like to add that Malaika Arora didn’t compromise on the cheese. After all, it accentuated the flavour of this Italian dish. The actress added some shredded cheese on top of her pasta. And, voila. It is ready. Malaika’s cacio e pepe topped with basil leaves looked every bit delectable. 


We won’t blame you if you are already craving this yummy Italian delight. While the traditional cacio e pepe pasta recipe is time-consuming, we have brought you a quicker version of this classic dish. Following this recipe, you can prepare cacio e pepe in just 15 minutes. 

Meanwhile, Malaika Arora’s Sunday binge didn’t end with pasta. The showstopper of the day was surely the three-tier berry-loaded cake. In one of her Instagram Stories, Malaika gave us a “close up” of her “berry beauty.” The layers of the cake were separated by what looked like whipped cream. And of course, loads of berries, including blackberry, cranberry, blueberry and cranberry. The cake was also topped with some golden vark. 

“Just a close-up of our three-tier berry beauty,” she captioned the image. 


We are sure Malaika Arora has compensated for all these calories with some rigorous workout sessions. Don’t you agree?



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