Matt Le Tissier is my dad-in-law and fan wanted to dress up as him for sex

EXCLUSIVE: Alex Le Tissier is immune to many of the bonkers messages she gets from her fans but a recent DM from a bloke who wanted to pretend to be father-in-law Matt Le Tissier shocked her

Alex Le Tissier calls herself the ‘Queen of Southampton’ (Image: Alex Le Tissier)

A Southampton FC fan offered a model £3,000 so he could pretend to be her famous father-in-law Matt Le Tissier during sex.

Alex Le Tissier, 31, was stunned by the bonkers message and immediately told her husband, Mitch, who is the former footballer’s son.

The Babestation presenter has a long running feud with the ex-pundit who she claimed cut family ties when she turned to sex work to help feed her children.

And the mum-of-four spoke exclusively to us about a bizarre recent request from a Saints lover.

Alex is happily married and has four kids (Image: Alex Le Tissier)

She said: “Just when I thought I had heard and seen it all, a guy messaged me wanting to send me £3,000 to meet in a hotel and have sex with him pretending to be my father-in-law.

“I always answer my OnlyFans messages on my laptop in my bedroom and to be honest it was weird because this guy has been subscribed for a while and he is a Southampton fan.

“I was a bit like, ‘what the f***’?

“He always does the basic Southampton fan type content so it is always Saints scenes. I just wasn’t expecting this from him, he has never said anything about it before.

“But I was in my room and I literally walked downstairs and said to my husband Mitch ‘this guy wants to pretend to be your dad while railing me’ and he was like ‘what?’

Matt Le Tissier has refused to comment publicly about the family drama (Image: Getty Images)

“He said ‘what is wrong with people’.”

Winding up her husband, she added: “I said to Mitch what he would do if I said yes and he said he would be fuming.

“I started laughing because what if I had said yes and turned up, how would he even have pretended to be him?”

Despite joking with Mitch, Alex politely rejected the randy bloke but she has not heard from him since, making her believe that he unsubscribed from her racy page.

And Alex, who joined OnlyFans during the pandemic when she feared she would have to go to a foodbank, has a theory on why the man made the infectious offer.

The Babestation model says saucy work has changed her life for the better (Image: Alex Le Tissier)

She said: “I do get the vibe that because it is such a known thing that we dislike each other I think people in a weird, sick and twisted way have made this fantasy of it being sexual.

“It has happened a couple of times where people have mentioned it but not to the extent like this guy who wanted to be him…”

Alex has reportedly not spoken with Matt since 2021 when she began getting her kit off to support her family.

She claimed the once revered sportsman labelled her a “bad mum” for the decision before asking her to drop her surname on the kinky website.

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