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Meet the nan who reviews sex toys for a living – and has up to six orgasms a day

EXCLUSIVE: Edwina, 56, from Indiana, America, has been a sex toy tester and reviewer for nearly two years. Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, she revealed the ins and outs of her job

A grandmother who reviews sex toys for a living has revealed what her job entails – and no, she’s not sex-crazed.

Edwina, 56, from Indiana, America, became a sex toy tester and reviewer nearly two years ago.

Now she spends “99%” of her time in the bedroom and can have up to six orgasms on a “good testing day” for and the site’s YouTube page.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Edwina revealed the ins and outs of her job and what she’s looking for in a good toy.

“Some people probably think I am an over-sexed, horny, sex-addicted wild woman in order to be a sex toy tester,” she said.

“In all honesty, that was me in my 20s, 30s and 40s! Now, I just sit back and enjoy my job, knowing I am helping others improve their sex lives.

“Surprisingly, I see sex toy testing as a job, no different from an auto mechanic or a barista.”

Edwina takes her work very seriously and tries to see things from everyone else’s point of view.

She can spend an hour or more just looking the product over, trying all of the speeds and other features before even using the toy as it should be.

“I don’t simply climb into bed, surrounded by dildos, vibrators and lubricant and go to town. I work masturbation, aka toy testing, into my schedule,” she explained.

“If it’s a waterproof toy, I will take it in the bath with me. Otherwise, I have to send my daughter and her boyfriend out on a long series of errands so I can have some quality time with my products.”

Her goal is to help people improve their sex lives
Her goal is to help people improve their sex lives (Image: Edwina)

It is vital that Edwina is 100% honest when reviewing sex toys, no matter whether they’re ordered by the company she works for or sent to her directly from a company in exchange for a review.

“I would be doing my readers a terrible disservice if I only wrote perfect, glowing reviews for each and every product, whether I liked it or hated it,” she said.

“Even sex toys that I dislike, I mention that although it was too powerful for me, the reader may love it if they need a stronger level of stimulation in order to climax. So even my bad reviews have a positive aspect and a balance to them.”

The sex-savvy gran first talks about the packaging of each sex toy – saying whether it’s discreet or not.

She added: “The last thing a buyer wants is for their mail carrier to know they just purchased a huge dildo from an online retailer!”

Edwina does video reviews in her pyjamas
Edwina does video reviews in her pyjamas (Image: Edwina)

Therefore, she always goes over the shipping packaging to make sure the return address is a discreet one.

She also discusses the strength of the packaging as a lot of people don’t want it to be torn so as to reveal the naughty little secret inside.

Next, she reviews the product packaging and what’s included. This is because a purchaser will likely be unhappy if the product doesn’t include a charger or a storage bag.

Plus, the packaging could be extremely graphic or plain – something that is crucial to know for parents of little ones and people in a housemate situation.

She continued: “My next step is to check out the materials from which the toy is made and how you would care for and clean it, the design, what features it has, is it noisy or quiet, how it charges – how long that takes and how long the battery lasts – and finally, the fun part, how the toy performs.

The 56-year-old takes her job very seriously
The 56-year-old takes her job very seriously (Image: Edwina)

“Yes, if the toy is meant for vulva owners, I use it and tell my readers how powerful it was, how it felt against my bits and how quickly I was able to reach the big-O and how fulfilling that climax was.

“I also let people know if it’s a good toy for edging, if it’s easy to operate while masturbating and how easily it cleans up.”

Edwina also records a review video for YouTube, with the aim to make the discussion of sex toys less embarrassing.

She does this in the comfort of her own home all while dressed in fluffy pyjamas.

The gran thinks it’s important for people to know that there is no shame in sex toys.

The discusses the pros and cons of toys
The discusses the pros and cons of toys (Image: Edwina)

“First of all, masturbation not only feels good, it’s good for your health, relieving stress, boosting the immune system and lowering the risk of prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, pre-eclampsia, heart disease and high blood pressure,” she shared.

“Best of all, the more you know your own body, what makes you feel good and ultimately brings you to climax, the better sex you will have with a partner!

“As far as couples go, never, ever think that a sex toy is there because your sex life isn’t good or it’s a reflection of your performance.

“Your sex life is the big, three-layer, decadent chocolate cake and sex toys are merely the icing on top.”



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