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Meghan Markle’s nicknames at the royal palace: Duchess of Difficult, Di Lite, Di 2…

In a new biography about Meghan Markle, staff at Buckingham Palace have lifted the lid on the former duchess.

Comparisons were swiftly drawn between Markle and Diana, Princess of Wales, after she had become part of the royal family and author Tom Quinn has alleged that some inside the palace labelled her “Di 2” within weeks of her introduction to the family.

Others went as far as calling her the “Duchess of Difficult”, which were just two of the alleged “unflattering nicknames” that Markle was assigned behind her back.

It was also claimed that Markle was the “dominant partner” in her relationship with Harry, as reported by the Daily Star.

“As Harry has said himself ‘What Meghan wants, Meghan gets’,” Quinn wrote.

“This cut no ice with the staff who, according to reliable reports, began using rather unflattering nicknames for her within weeks of her arrival: ‘Me-Gain’, the ‘Duchess of Difficult’ and even ‘Di 2’ or ‘Di Lite’.”

Details of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s relationship

Quinn also wrote that Kate Middleton had initially been “very warm” with Meghan.

“When Meghan first moved into Harry‘s cottage in the Kensington Palace grounds, Kate had been welcoming and both couples got on well,” Quinn wrote.

Middleton has been described by an insider as “one of the nicest royals” and someone who “hasn’t let life in her extremely grand apartment at Kensington go to her head”.



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