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‘Men told me I was too old for sex work but now I earn thousands selling racy pics’

EXCLUSIVE: Andrea Derrick ditched her traditional career as a hair and makeup artist to try her hand at sex work – she was told she was “too old” to make it but she is now having the last laugh

A mum who sacrificed her beautician career to try sex work instead is now earning up to £10,000 a month – despite being told she was “too old” to make it.

Andrea Derrick was slapped with the insult two years ago on a humiliating photoshoot – but she’s now proving her doubters wrong.

The 34-year-old spent 10 years as a hairdresser and makeup artist, before bravely making the dramatic change in the hope of a better life for her family.

She now rakes in five times more than her previous salary.

And speaking exclusively to Daily Star, she said: “When I started I got caught up in the whole being too old thing.

“But there is a flavour, size and age for everybody.

Andrew Derrick

“I took a step back and realised I can do this. I had a lot of people telling me I was too old, too this, too that.

“I am the type of person who says f*** you, watch me do this. I understood the risks factor but I am someone who takes risks although I’m not suggesting they don’t scare me.

“Any career change there is going to be a risks and those comments were a motivation for me.”

Fitness fanatic Andrea is from Chicago but lives in Dallas, Texas, with her young family.

Asked to elaborate on claims that she was too old, she said: “It was a couple of years ago when I first started and a photographer was doing some videos and photos for me to get me going.

Andrea Derrick

“We were talking about the business and OnlyFans and he told me I would never make it in this industry.

“I was very shocked when he said it and also the way he said it. It was very rude and I asked about it and he just said I was too old, even though I didn’t look it.

“He said you needed to be 21 to 25 to succeed. He was trying to make me feel like I wasn’t cut out for it.

“I thanked him for his opinion and I decided against shooting with him and I moved on. I thought ‘you are totally wrong and I’m going to show you why’.”

And Andrea has done just that.

Andrea Derrick

She spends three to four hours a day shooting content for her racy platforms – namely racy subscription site Fancentro.

The mum, who now specialises in domination and fetishes, is a former dancer who used to work in clubs alongside her beautician duties.

Now she puts her focus into saucy subscription sites to provide for her loved ones – and she describes platforms like OnlyFans as an online strip club.

And reflecting on her two years in the sex industry, Andrea said: “It is now what I expected, which is great though, in a good way.

“This has helped me grow in a sexual and pyschological way.

Andrea Derrick

“I wasn’t expecting to get into the fetish and dom side.

“I started off doing vanilla stuff but then all these guys came up to me asking to dominate them and I had never doing anything like that before.

“I took a six-month course on domination and the psychological aspect of it and that totally opened up my world.

“That was very unexpected but a great surprise.”



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