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Model who wants ‘world’s biggest butt’ flashes thong in see-through jumpsuit

A woman who wants the “world’s biggest butt” left fans gaping as she showed off her curvy behind in a see-through jumpsuit.

Natasha Crown, 27, from Serbia, has an enormous Instagram following of 2m.

But, while she loves to show off her fashion sense she’s most known for her extreme proportions.

The influencer and OnlyFans model, has spent an enormous £110,000 trying to achieve her dream of having the biggest booty on Earth.

Natasha has undergone five Brazilian Butt Lifts to boost the size of her behind.

The dangerous surgery – which has a high mortality rate – takes fat from the thighs or stomach and injects it into the buttocks.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has warned practitioners not to perform BBLs until “more data is collected”.

Natasha showed off her butt in the jumpsuit
Natasha showed off her butt in the jumpsuit (Image: Natasha Crown/Instagram)

But, Natasha doesn’t care about the danger because in her mind “the bigger, the better”.

And, she recently showed off the results of her many surgeries on social media.

In one snap, the Swedish-Serbian model faced the size pouting her filler-enhanced lips with her long, black hair loose.

She leant forwards against a dapper with her bum facing the camera.

And, while little flesh was on show she donned a skin-tight Fendi-style jumpsuit which hugged her curves.

The material was stretched thin and flashed the model’s black thong.

Wearing the same outfit, Natasha leaned backwards against a railing and let the sun shine on her.

Her ample cleavage was bared and she pointed her toes.

In a video, the BBL-lover walked towards the camera swaying her arms before turning around and jiggling her butt as she walked away.

She stepped to the tune of Doja Cat’s Candy and the sun showed her thong through the jumpsuit once again.

In the comments, the model’s fans had mixed opinions on the outfit.

One person said: “Gorgeous… and it shows.”

While another added: “Lovely Natasha.”

Many posted love heart, crown and fire emojis.

But, some Instagram users weren’t in love with the look.

Natasha loves her extreme look
Natasha loves her extreme look (Image: Natasha Crown/Instagram)

One man noted: “Oh hell naw. Some of y’all clearly have vision problems.”

While another joked: “If she farts then the world gone.”

And, Natasha isn’t oblivious to the reactions to her extreme surgery.

She’s previously stated that men are “afraid” of her.

The model added: “It’s scary for men.

“You have my personality and then you have my body and then you have everything else on top of that. It’s extreme.”



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